Man­agers, play­ers and chair­men have come out with press con­fer­ence gems down the years – but who said what?


`Ju­ven­tus bought the ef­eree, of that there is no shadow of a doubt'

“It’s true, I un­der­went a hair trans­plant. I think the re­sults are pretty cool, don’t you?”

"We have to show de­sire, hunger and a lot of times I used the word 'horny' to my play­ers"

“[We play] a kind of orgy foot­ball. The other team know they’re go­ing to get it. But they don’t know from who or where”

"Some eggs are more ex­pen­sive than oth­ers and some will give yohen bet­ter omelettes. When the class one eggs are not avail­able you have a prob­lem"

“[Jose Mour­inho] can do or say what­ever he wants. In this room he is the f**king chief, the f**king boss”

“Even if I built a 50,000-seater sta­dium and bought Ronald­inho, there’d still be com­plaints about crap hot dogs”

“Martin O’neill makes me look like Mother Theresa”

“I want you to write sto­ries and see who can make up the best ones. When I get tired of them, I’ll let you know where I’ll go”

“Veron is a f**king great player, youse are all f**king id­iots”

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