FFT put smart vests to the test

FFT finds out if we’re Pre­mier League fit by put­ting some wear­able tech to the test

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What is it?

A Gps-pow­ered fit­ness tracker that has been de­signed by wear­able tech gi­ants Cat­a­pult Sports. The kit can de­ter­mine dis­tance cov­ered, sprint dis­tance, peak speed and to­tal num­ber of sprints, and then com­pares your re­sults with that of pro play­ers. So FFT de­cided to strap one on and find out how our fit­ness stacks up against the game’s lead­ing names.

How does it work?

A pod is ac­ti­vated by press­ing a cir­cu­lar power but­ton, with a green light telling you it is charged and primed for ac­tion. Then sim­ply slot the small de­vice in­side a black vest – that looks and feels more like a sports bra – and you can kick off. Af­ter full-time, swiftly trans­fer all of the data, us­ing Blue­tooth, to an iphone app.

Who uses it?

Cat­a­pult Sports pro­vide wear­able tech to more than 1,250 clubs over a range of dif­fer­ent sports in­clud­ing the Pre­mier League’s last two cham­pi­ons, Chelsea and Le­ices­ter, as well as Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur. Now they are keen to help am­a­teur play­ers take their game up a level – FFT’S Sun­day League out­fit will soon be amongst the con­verted.

Why are they us­ing it?

The vest en­ables play­ers to pin­point which ar­eas of fit­ness they’ll need to im­prove. One of the tools al­lows you to com­pare your data from the first and sec­ond halves to see how much you tire as the match goes on. Af­ter a 60-minute runout, FFT is in­formed that we are op­er­at­ing at 17 per cent of a pro­fes­sional player’s at­tributes, but we weren’t re­ally try­ing, hon­est.

How much does it cost?

Cat­a­pult have priced their tech vest at £199, although the free app is only avail­able on iphones at the mo­ment. Not cheap, but it’ll cost you no more than a new pair of foot­ball boots and it could boost your game and health. We think that it is money well spent.

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