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Q What can I do about mildew on crops?

A Ven­ti­la­tion is cru­cial. If you’re us­ing cloches or grow­ing in the green­house then a lack of air flow can leave plants at risk of fun­gal dis­eases. Open up green­house doors on all but the cold­est of days and en­sure cloches have some ven­ti­la­tion too. Re­move cloches when tem­per­a­tures al­low.

Q What if the leaves get frosted?

A Keep plants small. Pick larger outer leaves for the kitchen and you’ll be do­ing your plants a favour too. Big fleshy leaves fare badly in cold snaps while small ones soon perk up again.

Q How much should I wa­ter in au­tumn?

A Out­door plants shouldn’t need wa­ter­ing; if any­thing, you’ll need to pro­tect them from ex­ces­sive win­ter wet, es­pe­cially on heav­ier soils. Once you go un­der cover you’ll need to give ground an oc­ca­sional but deep drink; just be wary of over­do­ing it.

Q How can I keep pesky slugs at bay?

A Tidi­ness pays. Re­move weeds and old or dis­eased leaves, en­sure there are no hid­ing places for slugs. Keep­ing a tidy gar­den doesn’t just please lovers of neat­ness, it helps keep plants healthy too.

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