The fu­ture’s bright!

Why not try some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent and be daz­zled by an orange fuch­sia?

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There have been many fuch­sias with orange flow­ers in­tro­duced over the years. Many of the tri­phylla types have orange or orange-red flow­ers. The more nor­mal va­ri­eties tend to have darker fo­liage, of­ten with quite ser­rated edges to the leaves. The con­trast be­tween the flower colour and the leaf colour is one of the at­trac­tions of th­ese va­ri­eties. Be­low is a list of some I like and think are worth grow­ing. Th­ese are all still avail­able ei­ther in the UK or Europe.

‘Hen­drik Sch­wab’: This is an in­ter­spe­cific va­ri­ety, which is a cross be­tween F. mag­dale­nae and F. den­tic­u­lata. It has bril­liant orange-red flow­ers.

‘Ko­ralle’ (‘Co­ralle’): Strong-grow­ing tri­phylla with vel­vety, sage-green leaves and clus­ters of bright orange flow­ers.

‘Mandi Ox­toby’: Some­times also called ‘Mandi’, this tri­phylla has small, orange-red flow­ers that stand out against dark fo­liage.

‘Stella Ann’: A florif­er­ous tri­phylla type with clus­ters of orange flow­ers held against

olive-green fo­liage with heavy vein­ing.. ‘Herps Bang­bang’: A Dutch in­tro­duc­tion with a longish, fat orange tube, orange sepals and a red­dish-orange corolla. ‘Pa­tri­cia Hodge’: A lax va­ri­ety, ex­cel­lent for bas­kets and the edges of con­tain­ers. The pro­fuse sin­gle flow­ers have a pale pink tube, pink­ish-orange sepals and an orange corolla. ‘Tan­ger­ine’: Up­right va­ri­ety with medium-sized, sin­gle flow­ers with a pink tube and sepals and an orange corolla. ‘Aurora Su­perba’: A medium to large, sin­gle flower with pale orange-rose tube and sepals and an orange corolla. The dark, ser­rated leaves nat­u­rally grow some­what twisted. ‘Orange Crys­tal’:

A medium to large, sin­gle flower with pale pink orange tube and sepals and a deep orange corolla.

‘Pa­tri­cia Hodge’ is per­fect for bas­kets

‘Hen­drik Sch­wab’ has elon­gated blooms Stella Ann’ is an old cul­ti­var, but still read­ily avail­able

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