Grow wild­flower an­nu­als in bare soil

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Most an­nu­als need a sunny spot but aren’t fussy about soil. It’s eas­i­est to sow seeds di­rectly in the soil if it’s light and not too heavy, but a big ad­van­tage of sow­ing now is that the soil is much eas­ier to fork over and rake to a fine tilth. Seeds also ger­mi­nate more quickly now than in spring – even bet­ter, the grow­ing an­nu­als will pre­vent nu­tri­ent leach­ing in win­ter and help to im­prove your soil. Clear the plot and re­move any peren­nial weeds, hoe it and rake it ready for sow­ing. There’s no need to add fer­tiliser. Make rows with a hoe or trowel and sow the seeds thinly along th­ese, cov­er­ing with about 1cm (½in) of soil. Wa­ter if no rain falls within a few days and keep the patch moist un­til the seedlings ap­pear.

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