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We’ve all used our lawns a lot over the past few months, and it’s had a lot to con­tend with – sun and drought, too much rain, big and lit­tle feet run­ning all over it – all man­ner of el­e­ments that will have de­pleted it and put it to the test. To use them as our very own out­door car­pets is the rea­son we have lawns, but that means at the end of sum­mer we have to look af­ter them!

Au­tumn’s the per­fect time to put all its prob­lems right, as the sea­son has died down and we’re tidy­ing up our gar­dens. Any work you do to your lawn now will hope­fully take ef­fect be­fore win­ter rains and tem­per­a­tures de­scend.

One of the key jobs to do now is aer­ate your lawn, so it can not only drain well and cope with an on­slaught of rain, but also keep the soil airy and non-com­pacted. Claggy lawn soil is the root of many fun­gal or drainage prob­lems and is gen­er­ally the cause of it ap­pear­ing unattrac­tive.

For a nice and tidy look, rake moss and leaves from the sur­face, and if you need to rec­tify cer­tain ar­eas that have looked poor over sum­mer, you can re-seed or even re-turf now too, which will knit to­gether hand­somely be­fore win­ter.

Scar­i­fy­ing keeps lawn sur­faces neat and healthy and im­proves drainage

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