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MON­DAY Some of the banks on the east side of the gar­den have be­come a bit bare so we’re fill­ing up the spa­ces with ivy seedlings and lit­tle run­ners of a var­ie­gated vinca, which al­ready cov­ers part of the bank higher up. Be­fore we do, we’re trans­plant­ing snow­drops that will hope­fully come up among the ev­er­green ground cover.

TUES­DAY Look­ing through a seed cat­a­logue the other day, my at­ten­tion was drawn to an an­nual that I haven’t grown for years, though as Glebe Cot­tage Plants we used to in­clude it reg­u­larly in our Chelsea Flower Show dis­plays.

Om­phalodes lin­i­fo­lia is a dainty navel­wort with glau­cous leaves and clouds of tiny, white flow­ers. It would be lovely to wel­come it back into the gar­den.

WED­NES­DAY The ground un­der the beech trees is lit­tered with twigs blown out of the overhanging branches. Most of them are dead, only oc­ca­sion­ally does the wind snap off healthy branches, but it’s a re­minder to think care­fully about cut­ting back some of the over­weight branches de­lib­er­ately be­fore the wind does it for us.

THURS­DAY Work­ing on one chunk of the gar­den at a time, weed­ing thor­oughly, mov­ing plants around and putting in new sub­jects, in­clud­ing a few bulbs. It’s a slow busi­ness but very sat­is­fy­ing and gives you a chance to re­assess the pos­si­bil­i­ties in each area.

FRI­DAY We’re don­ning our tallest wellies and sort­ing out the pond. Wa­ter mint, Men­tha aquat­ica, seems to be cov­er­ing at least half the sur­face. It’s used to treat de­pres­sion and age-re­lated ill­nesses in South Africa, so I’m hop­ing to feel much hap­pier and health­ier when it has been dealt with!

SATUR­DAY Trim­ming back trees and shrubs in our na­tive hedge. We did a lot a month ago, but the weather has been so mild that cor­nus, Acer campestre and vibur­nums de­cided to take ad­van­tage and put on new growth.

SUN­DAY Tulipa clu­siana, the lady tulip, is a favourite here. We’ve grown the straight species, a se­lec­tion called ‘Pep­per­mint­stick’ and one called ‘Cyn­thia’, whose petals are soft yel­low in­side. This year we’re try­ing out one called ‘Honky Tonk’. Typ­i­cally, it’s small and dainty with fine fo­liage but its flow­ers are creamy-white, which makes it easy to find it a happy home where it’ll fit in with any colour scheme.

Carol Klein

Tulip ‘Cyn­thia’ has dainty petals that are soft yel­low in­side Om­phalodes lin­i­fo­lia is el­e­gant in pure white

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