Alien alert in the pond!

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Tech­ni­cally, the pond on the al­lot­ment is an old bath with the plug­hole sealed shut, but it works for me and the frogs seem to love it! I must clear the fallen leaves, plant debris and prob­lem­atic plants from the wa­ter, specif­i­cally newly-clas­si­fied ‘in­va­sive alien species’.

Carolina fan­wort ( Cabomba car­olini­ana) is a plant I was given by a friend from their aquar­ium. It’s now be­com­ing a pest, as the ferny fo­liage can grow from a tiny piece of stalk into caus­ing ma­jor prob­lems in the water­ways. I’ll be re­mov­ing it all and dis­pos­ing of it so it can’t spread fur­ther afield.

Other prob­lem plants in­clude wa­ter hy­acinth ( Eich­hor­nia cras­sipes) which was sold in gar­den cen­tres un­til re­cently. This species can’t nor­mally sur­vive frost.

If you’re un­sure whether your pond plants are af­fected, please visit­vi­ron­ment/na­ture for a list of all in­va­sive alien species.

Strik­ingly beau­ti­ful wa­ter hy­acinths are real pests

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