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We sur­vived hur­ri­cane Ophe­lia, with only a cou­ple of trees down in the gar­den. There was very lit­tle rain, thank good­ness, as it was blow­ing straight onto the front of the house. There has only been the odd day dry enough to think about get­ting out to do any gar­den­ing.

We man­aged to fin­ish cut­ting the ley­landii hedge, and al­though we were both shat­tered, we car­ried on un­til it was all cut. The rain set in again and we had to leave all the cut­tings on the ground. They’re still there! There’s been the odd few hours of dry weather since then, but not enough to ac­tu­ally do any out­side work.

I did, how­ever, get into the green­house and string up the onions that had been dry­ing on the bench. Then I set about clean­ing the green­house, clear­ing out the old com­post and wash­ing the glass inside.

I also pot­ted up all the seedlings and cut­tings from green­house two. They’re now grow­ing on in the first green­house and will have put on enough growth to be able to be planted next spring, and the sur­plus will go in the plant sale we’re hav­ing for the Welsh Air Am­bu­lance when we open the gar­den next year. The broc­coli, cab­bage and kale I’d planted out last month are grow­ing well, and the leeks are filling out nicely. How­ever, there were a few putting up seed heads due to the warm weather, which I picked off. I’m hop­ing I did it in time to be able to use them. Dahlias are still man­ag­ing to flower, though some have been blown to bits by the storms. But win­try weather is cer­tainly with us now, and most plants have de­cided sum­mer is well and truly over!

Greens and leeks grow­ing well on the plot, with dahlias for com­pany

Sadly, the storms brought down the labur­num at the bo om of the gar­den

A large gar­den in New­cas­tle Em­lyn, Wales, with themed ar­eas and a veg­etable patch.

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