Win­ter corm and tu­ber care

Tak­ing ac­tion now will en­sure you have blooms next year

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It’s time to con­sider what you’re go­ing to do with your plants such as dahlias, be­go­nias and glad­i­oli. This will very much de­pend, largely, on what your lo­cal cli­mate is like – rel­a­tively balmy win­ters in your area may mean you don’t nec­es­sar­ily have to move dahlias or glad­i­oli – they can sim­ply over­win­ter in the ground, pro­vid­ing you ap­ply a mulch to pro­tect their roots.

Many gar­den­ers sim­ply don’t lift them, and they re­turn year af­ter year with bold blooms, even if their soil has be­come quite boggy through ex­ten­sive rain. Very frosty ar­eas of the UK may see dahlias and glad­i­oli suc­cumb to it, but es­sen­tially it’s a risk that you can ex­per­i­ment with – it may be you don’t need to worry at all!

If you want to keep your ten­der be­go­nias, over­win­ter them and treat them as peren­ni­als, chop down the fo­liage, bring the pots in to the green­house and lift the tu­bers to dry. Put them dry in pa­per bags and bring them in­doors, keep­ing them in a cool-ish room un­til next spring.

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