Plant or­na­men­tal grasses

The ‘cool cli­mate’ ones will cope with our colder sea­son weather

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Au­tumn’s a good time to plant some grasses, namely the so-called cool sea­son va­ri­eties, which hail from colder cli­mates around the world. The rea­son to plant them now is be­cause they tend to come into growth in late win­ter – much ear­lier than warm cli­mate grasses in spring – so they need more time to estab­lish them­selves be­fore this hap­pens.

Plus they can cope much bet­ter at es­tab­lish­ing in our au­tumn and win­ter con­di­tions, where ‘warmer’ grasses may suf­fer if planted be­fore spring.

If you’re pop­ping them in a pot as a state­ment spec­i­men, be sure to plant them up in a ‘per­ma­nent’ com­post, such as a John Innes No 2 or 3, mixed with multi-pur­pose so it doesn’t get too heavy.

In the ground, make sure your grass is planted in re­ally welldrain­ing soil and in lots of sun. Con­sider where you put them in the bor­der, too. Tall ones can get large and wide, and may ob­scure other plants. There’s no need to feed them, just a light wa­ter­ing in dry spells when they’re newly planted. Once they get to about three or so years old, di­vide them in early spring and re­plant so they can con­tinue to grow healthily.

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