Ner­ines take over the party!

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No won­der gar­den­ers call ner­ines ‘jewel lilies’. In the raised beds at the bo om of the gar­den a few shock­ing pink blooms star­tle you as you walk by and lure you in to take a closer look. No­body told ner­ines that the party is over! Ner­ines come from south­ern Africa. There are about 25 species, al­though only a few are gen­er­ally grown. The hardi­est species, Ner­ine bow­denii, is of­ten planted in co age gar­dens where its clumps of­ten build into ex­ten­sive colonies. They seem to thrive on ne­glect and it’s of­ten when bulbs piggy-back on each other that a big splurge of their shock­ing pink flow­ers is pro­duced. The les­son to be learned is that ner­ines don’t like to be overfed. Choose the sun­ni­est, best-pro­tected site you have. Ner­ines don’t like to com­pete.

If you’re grow­ing your ner­ines in pots, the same ap­plies. Only wa­ter reg­u­larly when bulbs are in growth – when bulbs are rest­ing only wa­ter on de­mand. They don’t need feed­ing when they’re planted in the ground or in pots.

Plant with the nose of the bulb pro­trud­ing from soil or com­post. If you plant them too deep they may be shy to flower and if you bury them they may dis­ap­pear for­ever.

Ner­ines bring a touch of hot pink to late au­tumn

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