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Hav­ing col­lected seed from Selinum wal­lichi­anum, I wanted to try an ex­per­i­ment. I’m sow­ing two half-trays: one will come un­der cover in the green­house, the other will live out­side. I want to see if cold will break the seed’s dor­mancy, or whether warmer con­di­tions will speed up ger­mi­na­tion.


Dig­ging up heme­ro­cal­lis to di­vide them. We had very lit­tle trouble with heme­ro­cal­lis gall midge last year, though it was dis­as­trous for some gar­den­ers. The only treat­ment is to pick off buds and de­stroy them. WED­NES­DAY

We’d planted out a col­lec­tion of va­ri­eties of cro­cos­mias new to us in one of the small beds close to the kitchen. They’ve grown so suc­cess­fully that they’ve be­come con­gested. We’ll dig them up, take off the top corms (they’re the pro­duc­tive ones) and pot them up three to a half-litre pot and plant out in the spring. THURS­DAY

It was so en­joy­able grow­ing flow­ers for Alice’s wed­ding that it ought to be­come the prac­tice here at Glebe Cot­tage. Try­ing to plan when to sow and what to sow takes some do­ing. Lark­spur, cal­en­dula and love-in-a-mist can all be sown this au­tumn and grown on in pots.


Post­ing photos on In­sta­gram and Twi er of our seed-grown dahlias, we had a re­sponse from Dahlia­gar­denmx. Their gar­den is in Mex­ico City and their images of species dahlias are mouth-wa­ter­ing.


We grow very few house­plants but find strep­to­car­pus very re­ward­ing. They’re also good fun to prop­a­gate from leaf cut­tings. Most of our plants come from Di­b­leys Nurs­eries in North Wales, who are masters at this genus.


Col­lect­ing all the big­gest ‘Cox’s Or­ange Pip­pin’ from our tree. None of them are huge de­spite our mak­ing an a empt to thin them ear­lier. They should store well and take us into next spring.

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