Unique trees that will trans­form your gar­den

To get some real stand-out add eye-catch­ing tree shapes for func­tion and fab­u­lous form

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They say if you only plant one thing, make it a tree, and you can re­ally pep up your plot by plant­ing one now. Here we’ve given you some ideas on some nat­u­rally nifty tree shapes, plus some man­made clip­ping tips. Adding a tree is a big de­ci­sion to make, so al­ways con­sider where, why, how and what you’re plant­ing.

How to choose the right tree for your plot

Con­sider your gar­den care­fully and de­cide on the per­fect spot for your new tree – is there a gap in your canopy plant­ing? Are you look­ing to add screen­ing, height or ma­tu­rity to your scheme?

Is it a tight spot or an open area? Would the neigh­bours mind if you grew a tall tree? Con­sider dwarf or slow-grow­ing va­ri­eties, or large shrubs if you have a small gar­den.

Ex­posed ar­eas could mean your trees suc­cumb to frost so only pick the hardi­est for these spots. If you live in a peren­ni­ally frosty area of the coun­try, some more ten­der, de­cid­u­ous trees, with their newly emerg­ing leaves in early spring, can come a crop­per in ex­posed spots. Ever­greens may be the an­swer.

Ever­greens have fab­u­lous shape, are low main­te­nance, look great in win­ter, screen well and cre­ate per­ma­nent shade, but de­cid­u­ous trees can tend to have much of the flower, berry and leaf colour that brings life to a gar­den – and you can plant early-spring bulbs at their feet.

If you’re by the coast, your plot may need tough trees that cope with salts and winds, though it’s of­ten milder so you have a wider choice of more ten­der trees.

Do you have wet, dry, clay, sandy or acidic soil? Choose an all-rounder or one that will thrive specif­i­cally in your con­di­tions.

Think of its or­na­men­tal value. Would you like pink or white flow­ers, fan­tas­tic leaf shape or colour, or beau­ti­ful bark in win­ter?

What are the ben­e­fits of trees?

Apart from their beauty and stature, trees have many en­vi­ron­men­tal plus points – here are just a few...

Trees re­duce soil ero­sion, an­chor­ing the ground, and re­duce flood­ing and wa­ter run-off.

Trees ab­sorb pol­lu­tion and CO2, give im­por­tant shady ar­eas and keep cities cool.

Na­tive trees in­crease re­silience and re­duce the spread of pests and dis­eases.

Trees pro­vide con­nec­tive high­ways to birds and other wildlife so they can travel.

Trees pro­vide vi­tal food and shel­ter for all kinds of wildlife, and pro­mote biodiversity.

Catalpa, or In­dian bean trees, lend them­selves to um­brella shapes...

Con­sider year-round bark colour, like this strik­ing eu­ca­lyp­tus

... and have fab­u­lous white flow­ers to boot!

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