Med­wyn Williams shines a light on his onion seedlings

...and some heat in the green­house!

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Back from Malvern, as soon as I ti­died up the mess I’d left be­hind on my plot, I turned my at­ten­tion to the elec­tri­cal wiring and con­nec­tions in the green­house be­cause it’s al­most time to put the heat and light­ing back on.

My heater’s now in its third year and works from a tank of cen­tral heat­ing oil po­si­tioned just out­side. I al­ways get an elec­tri­cal en­gi­neer to check ev­ery­thing over, par­tic­u­larly the smooth run­ning of the heater, burner and noz­zles. I sim­ply can’t risk it fail­ing when leeks and onions are grow­ing away well.

My leek stock plants have pro­duced some lovely clean heads of bul­bils. A lot of rain can start pre­ma­ture root­ing within the head as well as start­ing to rot off the head’s root plates, so they went into the poly­tun­nel a fort­night ago to keep heads dry, clean and dis­ease free. I’ve five va­ri­eties avail­able this year – three blanch leeks and two pot leeks, in­clud­ing the new John Soulsby, called ‘JSN’.

Now’s also the time to check that all lamps, tubes and the all-im­por­tant time switch are work­ing cor­rectly. The two new light units I put in last year are the best I’ve ever used. Plants grew ex­cep­tion­ally well with a much bet­ter colour and stronger root sys­tem than un­der other lights. These Max­ib­right Day­light 315W CMH (Ce­ramic Metal Halide) lamps are now avail­able on my on­line shop (item 0001 with free de­liv­ery).

My ‘Aris­to­crat’ shal­lots were boxed up dur­ing late Au­gust af­ter dry­ing them in my poly­tun­nel and they’ve dried re­ally well in the hot weather. I can’t stress how im­por­tant it is to keep shal­lots dry – they’re no­to­ri­ous keep­ers, prone to rot­ting around the neck and root plate, and you’ll lose a lot in damp con­di­tions. l Fol­low me on Twit­ter @med­wyn­so­fan­gles.

These are my fan­tas­tic new lights shin­ing on onion seedlings My green­house oil burner

Win­ner of 11 Chelsea golds and awarded an MBE!

My leek plants have good qual­ity heads of bul­bils

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