Make a hang­ing bird box

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This at­trac­tive bird house will lure tits, wrens, robins and more to your plot

Pro­vid­ing nest­ing habi­tats for gar­den birds can help in­crease lo­cal pop­u­la­tions of tits, robins, house spar­rows and wrens. This box is per­fect for tits – make the hole 25mm for blue tits or 28mm for great tits. Po­si­tion in a shel­tered, north-east fac­ing spot.


The fol­low­ing pieces of wood, each 1.5cm thick: 1 x 20cm x 15cm (lid) 1 x 18cm x 15cm (lid) 2 x 15cm x 15cm (front & back) 1 x 10cm x 15cm (side) 1 x 10cm x 13cm (side) Self-tap­ping screws Phillips screw­driver Drill 25-28mm-di­am­e­ter wooden drill bit Saw Wa­ter-based paint Paint brush Screw-eye and wire for hang­ing

A sus­pended box is ideal for keep­ing preda­tors, such as cats, at bay 1 En­sure you have all the pieces cut to the cor­rect di­men­sions and work out how they fit to make the box. 2 Screw the pieces to­gether, en­sur­ing they are flush, with no gaps. Don’t at­tach the front of the box. 3 Drill a 25-28mm hole at the top cor­ner of the front piece of wood and screw this in place to com­plete the box. 4 Paint the out­side of the box and al­low to dry. When dry, fit the screw-eye to the top, and hang with wire in a safe place.

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