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As the days get shorter there‘s still time to en­joy th­ese late-flow­er­ing blooms and their per­fect pair­ings

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Late-flow­er­ing lovelies and friends

Ner­ine bow­denii and Ner­ine bow­denii ‘Pink Sur­prise’

Nerines are al­ways a lovely sur­prise and as sub­tle as a flock of par­rots on a hen night. You think you are snug­gling down for win­ter when, bang!, there’s an erup­tion of scream­ing pink to daz­zle au­tumn. Ner­ine care Hardy down to -10°C (pro­tect with fleece or bring pots into a frost-free green­house if lower tem­per­au­res are fore­cast). Good at the base of a hot wall. Sow seed when ripe or di­vide af­ter flow­er­ing. Plant bulbs in early spring, but they might not flower in the first year. Needs full sun to thrive, and watch out for slugs. HxS 50cm x 10cm ( Ner­ine bow­denii) HxS 70cm x 10cm ( Ner­ine bow­denii ‘Pink Sur­prise’)

Vibur­num pli­cata­tum to­men­to­sum ‘Mariesii’ and Phormium tenax

This vibur­num is well known for its clear white flow­ers and the way that it grows in tiers as el­e­gantly lay­ered as a so­ci­ety wed­ding cake. Less well known is its amaz­ing au­tumn colour – look at that red! My in­ter­est­ing phormium fact is that the Maoris used the leaves to cre­ate ar­mour.

Vibur­num pli­cata­tum to­men­to­sum ‘Mariesii’

Care Full sun and free-drain­ing soil. Prop­a­gate from soft­wood cut­tings in sum­mer. Prune care­fully to pre­serve its el­e­gant struc­ture.

HxS 3m x 4m

Phormium tenax

Care Good in a large pot and hardy down to -10°C. Sow seed or di­vide in spring.

HxS 3m x 2m

Salvia el­e­gans and Res­tio tet­ra­phyl­lus

Salvias are an­other plant that flower right up un­til the first frost – very im­pres­sive, es­pe­cially as the per­for­mance started in about May. Here they are teamed with the dense, ev­er­green Aus­tralian tas­sel cord rush, which gives a good back­drop against which the salvias can hap­pily ca­vort.

Salvia el­e­gans

Care Can sur­vive win­ter in warmer ar­eas but best to take cut­tings just in case – they are easy to strike. Pro­tect from wa­ter­log­ging and mulch in spring.

HxS 70cm x 40cm

Res­tio tet­ra­phyl­lus

Care Brown­ish flow­ers in spring. Good in con­tain­ers. Di­vide in spring. Hardy down to -10°C.

HxS 1.5m x 60cm

Vibur­num and phormium Salvia and Oc­to­ber res­tio 2017 gar­den­er­

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