How to plant your pots

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1 Choose a pot around 40cm high and 40cm wide, and make sure it has drainage holes at the base. If none, make some by pierc­ing the bot­tom. Half-fill the pot with a multi-pur­pose or soil-based com­post.

2 Place your large bulbs, such as daf­fodils and tulips, on top of the com­post, en­sur­ing they don’t touch each other – the pointy end should be point­ing up and the hairy roots down. Cover the bulbs with an­other layer of com­post.

3 Re­move the largest plant from its plas­tic pot and place it at the rear of the con­tainer. Po­si­tion the other plants around the largest one, work­ing down to the small­est, which are best around the edge. Keep checking that you are happy with the over­all ar­range­ment.

4 Fill in any gaps around the plants with more com­post, mak­ing sure all of the roots are cov­ered. Firm the com­post down with your fin­gers to get rid of any air pock­ets.

5 Plant small bulbs, such as chion­o­doxa and grape hy­acinth, around the edges of the pot. Plant with the flat­test side down – you may also be able to see small hairy roots on this side and a tiny grow­ing tip on the top. As they’re small, they don’t need to be very deep and can just be poked in with your fin­ger to a depth of about 7cm.

6 Wa­ter the pot thor­oughly, us­ing a wa­ter­ing can with a rose, en­sur­ing all of the com­post is soaked. This will help to set­tle the com­post. Fill in any gaps that ap­pear, af­ter the first wa­ter­ing, with more com­post. Place the pot in a sunny spot, shel­tered from strong winds.

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