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Galan­thus ni­valis ‘Viri­dapice’ and Nar­cis­sus ‘Tête-à-tête’

Here’s an­other ex­am­ple of what I was say­ing on the pre­vi­ous page – a whole cho­rus ready to sing. Snow­drops are still in fine voice, as the mini-daf­fodils join the show. There’s cy­cla­men fo­liage in there too and a young fox­glove wait­ing in the wings. Lots now, and plenty to look for­ward to…

Galan­thus ni­valis ‘Viri­dapice’

Care Prefers a shady spot. Di­vide large clumps af­ter flow­er­ing and re­plant in new sites straight away.

HxS 10cm x 10cm

Nar­cis­sus ‘Tête-à-tête’

Care Plant bulbs in early au­tumn and they’ll soon form clumps. Great at the front of bor­ders or in pots.

HxS 20cm x 10cm

Skim­mia japon­ica reevesiana and Leu­cothoe ‘Ze­blid’

There are two plants here, but the leu­cothoe is rather dom­i­nated by the vivid red skim­mia berries. Don’t feel bad for the leu­cothoe – it too will have its mo­ment of glory, as those ev­er­green red-tinged leaves are hard to ig­nore.

Skim­mia japon­ica reevesiana

Care Plants have both male and fe­male flow­ers, so will al­ways pro­duce berries. Prop­a­gate from cut­tings dur­ing late sum­mer.

HxS 100cm x 90cm

Leu­cothoe ‘Ze­blid’

Care Plant in sun or par­tial shade. It fares best in acidic soil. Take semi-rip cut­tings in sum­mer.

HxS 1.5m x 2m

Prim­ula ‘Stella Re­gal Red’ and Helle­borus ‘Ice N’ Roses Red’

Where would we be with­out the hum­ble polyan­thus to cheer the dark­est win­ter days? They come in many jewel colours, all as bright as but­tons and chirpy as robins. Here it works well with a clas­sic ruby helle­bore (and the pink­ish flow­ers of an­other skim­mia – al­ways a wel­come gate­crasher).

Prim­ula ‘Stella Re­gal Red’

Care Stead­fast and re­li­able, polyan­thus can be used as bor­der edg­ings but I think they’re much bet­ter in troughs and con­tain­ers. Deadhead reg­u­larly.

HxS 25cm x 20cm

Helle­borus ‘Ice N’ Roses Red’

Care A strong va­ri­ety that flow­ers over a long pe­riod. You can also team it with ev­er­green ferns and maybe some hostas for later in the sea­son.

HxS 30cm x 30cm

Skim­mia and leu­cothoe Polyan­thus and helle­bore

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