Sweetie, dar­ling?

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As one fifth of Satur­days, Mol­lie King be­came one of the most recog­nis­able blondes in Bri­tain. Now, with her sin­gle Hair Down be­ing a right pop banger, as well as her cha-cháing on Strictly Come Danc­ing, you’re go­ing to be see­ing a lot more of her – af­ter she tack­les our sweetie jar of ques­tions, that is...

Do you iron your un­der­wear? No! I don’t even iron my out­er­wear.

Do you pre­fer Christ­mas or your birth­day? Oh, Christ­mas – no doubt about it. I ac­tu­ally don’t en­joy my birth­day. I know that sounds stupid, but I feel like it’s so much pres­sure. Whereas Christ­mas you know you’re go­ing to have fun be­cause Santa Claus has ar­rived.

Town or the coun­try­side? Town. I tried to do that coun­try bump­kin thing, but I just don’t think I’m that per­son. I’m more of a Carrie Bradshaw. I live for the city and the lights, the buzz and the fast pace.

Bis­cuits or cake? Cake all the way. I love cake – lit­er­ally any cake. Give me a sponge or any­thing!

But can you bake? I can’t bake a sin­gle thing. I’ll eat any­thing though.

Which su­per­mar­ket do you shop in the most? Prob­a­bly Waitrose. Or pos­si­bly a Sains­bury’s ev­ery now and then.

The three words that best de­scribe you in the morn­ing are… Cof­fee ad­dict… De­scribe me in the morn­ing? I al­ways wake up with my hair all over the place. Bed­head! And prob­a­bly con­fused. I never know what I’m do­ing. I’m al­ways like, ‘What day is it? Where am I?’ What’s been your worst ever in­jury? This sounds lame, but bear with me. I was bit­ten by a horse­fly and it turned into cel­luli­tis, which every­one thinks is cel­lulite but it’s not. It’s a dis­ease where your leg swells up. I couldn’t walk, so I missed loads of gigs – like T4 on the Beach – and was dev­as­tated.

A horse­fly in the UK?

In the UK, so watch out. I think it was in Devon, so keep an eye out for him!

What’s the worst lie you’ve man­aged to pull off?

I was once on a date and told some­body that I was a dol­phin trainer – and he be­lieved it. It was great. I just didn’t want to talk about work and I was in Amer­ica. He was like, ‘So what do you do?’ And I was like, right I’m not go­ing to say any­thing about work and so I said, ‘I work with dol­phins.’ He had no idea. I pulled that off for a good cou­ple of hours.

Are you good at flirt­ing? Well, I don’t think I am, no. But some­times peo­ple think that I’m flirt­ing when I’m laugh­ing. So no, ap­par­ently I’m not. What’s the long­est you’ve been with­out show­er­ing? I’m quite OCD with clean­li­ness, so prob­a­bly three days if I’ve been poorly. I’ve never slept over at a fes­ti­val. I couldn’t do that. Is that re­ally lame? Do­ing the whole baby wipe in the armpit… I just don’t think I could.

What’s your campest mo­ment ever? Most

Satur­day nights re­ally! I don’t know to be hon­est. I don’t know if it’s my campest mo­ment ever, or my best, but I flew all the way out to Ve­gas for one night to watch Brit­ney in con­cert. Then I met all her dancers and I learnt the Slave 4 U rou­tine. The actual one with the actual dancers. I mean, isn’t that amaz­ing? I don’t know if it’s that camp, but it was in­cred­i­ble.

What’s your guilty plea­sure? Take­aways prob­a­bly. I love food so I eat loads of In­dian and Chi­nese take­aways.

Kylie, Madonna or Lady Gaga? What a ques­tion. That’s so tough. This is sooo hard. I’ve been to a Madonna con­cert,

I’ve been to Kylie, and I’ve seen Lady Gaga live… I’m go­ing to go with Kylie. I’m go­ing to go with that Lo­co­mo­tion. The Christ­mas Kylie con­cert! Has any­one seen that? Oh my God, it was amaz­ing.

Have you ever thrown a diva strop? Not that I can re­mem­ber. I don’t think so. Rainy days or snowy days? Snowy days! I love a snow day. School’s off and you can have a snow day in. Best thing ever. Do you be­lieve in ghosts? No, I don’t think I do. Well, my­self and The Satur­days girls did that ghost hunt­ing once, and every­one was sure there were ghosts there, so I don’t know. Though, to be fair, I would never do one of those ouija boards, so maybe I do be­lieve in them. I have the fear. I do be­lieve in Casper the friendly one though. I’ve seen him a few times.

Why aren’t blue­ber­ries blue? That’s a very good ques­tion. Erm… they are blue?! They are blue! You’re trick­ing me. Oh, are they pur­ple-y… What hap­pens when you get scared half to death, twice? Oh my God, I don’t know! But I think you go to a mag­i­cal place… I have no idea. If the pres­i­dent was gay, would his hus­band be the First Man? Erm… yes. Is this a trick ques­tion? The First Man… yeah, why not? Go for it. What’s your favourite cock­tail? Cos­mopoli­tan, be­cause I feel like I’m on Sex and the City. That lit­er­ally is the only rea­son!

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