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What ef­fect did Will & Grace have on ac­cep­tance of gay peo­ple? It was just a goofy-ass sit­com, so [we didn’t] want to talk like ‘we’re chang­ing the world!’, be­cause we had no proof we were at the time. But I mean, think of the 12-year-old boys that were pretty sure they might be gay – how do they tell their par­ents? And then they look into the liv­ing room and there’s their mom scream­ing with laugh­ter at some­thing that’s on the tele­vi­sion. And maybe they think, “If mom likes those guys, maybe it won’t be so hard.” I think that’s the ef­fect that we ul­ti­mately had.

Do you feel type­cast as a gay man? Not at all, no. Be­ing gay is not the is­sue, it’s more to do with a char­ac­ter on a very-liked show. Will & Grace was ul­ti­mately a sit­com and it’s over­com­ing that stigma as much as any­thing else.

Who’s your most fa­mous fan? The Vice Pres­i­dent [Joe Bi­den] was talk­ing about it [in 2013]. It was over gay mar­riage, and it was at that point Obama had not of­fi­cially come out for it. Days be­fore he did do, the Vice Pres­i­dent said, “I think that Will & Grace did more to open the hearts and minds of the Amer­i­can pub­lic” with re­gards to this is­sue. It was amaz­ing be­cause, first of all… Joe Bi­den watched Will & Grace?! OK! Are you a gay icon? I guess so, yeah! And that’s awe­some.

Repris­ing one of the best-loved and most iconic gay char­ac­ters on telly ever means

that Eric McCor­mack is a busy man. Luckly, we man­aged to bag a few words with Eric about the lawyer from the Up­per West Side we all know and love as

Will Tru­man.

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