Would Tay­lorMade’s lat­est M-fam­ily irons im­press GM tech­ni­cal edi­tor Joel Tad­man?

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TECH­NOL­OGY 1A 360˚ Un­der­cut ex­pands the un­sup­ported face area for greater ball speeds across the hit­ting zone. It also low­ers the cen­tre of grav­ity (CG) by re­mov­ing weight from the topline. A Speed Pocket in the long irons in­creases launch an­gle and pre­serves ball speed on shots struck from be­low the cen­tre of the face. LOOKS

From all an­gles, the M2 Tour bears 2 many sim­i­lar­i­ties to Tay­lorMade’s M2 iron. Both are dark in colour, both have a white bot­tom score­line for align­ment and both have a sem­ishiny fin­ish. But the M2 Tour has no fluted hosel, a slim­mer topline and less off­set to give a more tra­di­tional ad­dress look that will ap­peal to a wider spec­trum of abil­i­ties. From the rear, the clubs look to be packed full of mod­ern iron tech­nol­ogy. SHELF AP­PEAL

The­o­ret­i­cally, the M2 Tour irons 3 have a very broad tar­get mar­ket. They are large enough to pro­vide for­give­ness and in­spire con­fi­dence be­hind the ball, but fea­ture a more playable and ver­sa­tile shape than the M2, which is en­gi­neered for out-and­out dis­tance. This means that golfers of high sin­gle fig­ures and above could reap the per­for­mance ben­e­fits.


The Tay­lorMade M2 Tour irons have an RRP of £699 for a seven-club set with steel shafts HEAD DE­SIGN

The Speed Pocket stops when 4 you get to the 7-iron and it’s sur­pris­ingly easy to hit the lon­girons a con­sis­tently long way as a re­sult. M2 Tour iron lofts may be two de­grees higher than M2, but they are still low over­all com­pared to the mar­ket (the 7-iron is 30.5˚). This helps to com­bine dis­tance with a playable tra­jec­tory thanks to the ex­tra launch that the low CG po­si­tion gen­er­ates. SHAFT

The stock shaft is the True Tem­per 5 XP95, which is gen­er­ally quite a high-launch­ing op­tion that as­sists with stop­ping power into the greens. Faster swingers may need some­thing heav­ier, but there are plenty of other cus­tom shaft op­tions avail­able through a fit­ting ses­sion. FEEL AND SOUND

These irons feel fast off the face. A 6 stiff cav­ity-badge sys­tem be­hind the face man­ages sound and elim­i­nates un­wanted vi­bra­tions, and there’s no ques­tion that these irons are not as loud as M2 at im­pact. It’s a bit softer and more sub­tle, and many golfers will ap­pre­ci­ate that. The feel was closer to a bet­ter-player’s club than a dis­tance iron, with good dis­tance con­trol from dif­fer­ent strike points on the face. FOR­GIVE­NESS

Tay­lorMade’s vari­able face 7 thick­ness – what the brand calls In­verted Cone Tech­nol­ogy – works with the Speed Pocket to en­sure your long-iron misses ben­e­fit from ex­cel­lent for­give­ness. For an iron that still largely pri­ori­tises dis­tance, dis­per­sion con­trol front and back into the greens was no­tice­ably tight. FLIGHT

The lofts are strong, but a 8 7-iron still launches like you would ex­pect a 7-iron to launch, gen­er­at­ing a tow­er­ing ball flight. Many golfers will ex­pe­ri­ence lower-thanaver­age spin, per­haps as a com­bined re­sult of the lofts and the low CG, but there’s still am­ple stop­ping power thanks to that tow­er­ing tra­jec­tory. DIS­TANCE

Con­sid­er­ing their mid-size heads, 9 these irons pack plenty of punch. Chances are you’ll hit the ball fur­ther than with your cur­rent set, so you might need to plug an ex­tra gap at the wedge end of your bag. A 50˚ Ap­proach wedge is avail­able to slide in be­tween your PW and your SW. VER­DICT

M2 Tour irons are long, 10 for­giv­ing and come in a shape and size to suit most golfers’ eyes. If you’re not overly fussed about a su­per-soft feel or work­a­bil­ity, they should give you every­thing you’re look­ing for from a set of irons.


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