Golfers can of­ten save pre­cious shots around the greens, so do these RTX-3 wedges de­liver?

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Feel Bal­anc­ing tech­nol­ogy shifts the cen­tre of grav­ity (CG) closer to the mid­dle of the club­face by short­en­ing the hosel and in­sert­ing a mi­cro cav­ity to save weight. This re­duces vi­bra­tion to im­prove feel, while head sta­bil­ity at im­pact in­creases for bet­ter for­give­ness and dis­tance con­trol. A new V-shape sole im­proves turf in­ter­ac­tion, while new Tour Zip Grooves have a deeper, nar­rower U-shape with a sharp edge ra­dius to en­hance con­trol and help pre­vent fliers. LOOKS 2 RTX-3 wedges, with their clean mus­cle­back de­sign, come in a tour satin fin­ish plus a new, highly durable black satin fin­ish. Com­pared to the 588 RTX 2.0, the new RTX-3 is a lit­tle more rounded and has a nar­rower hit­ting area from heel to toe. It also has two more grooves be­cause they are more tightly spaced. HEAD DE­SIGN 3 Cleve­land’s afore­men­tioned Feel Bal­anc­ing tech­nol­ogy means there is a shorter hosel sec­tion in this new de­sign. A more cen­tred CG lo­ca­tion within the head means that the wedge should feel more sta­ble with im­proved per­for­mance on mishits, re­sult­ing in more con­sis­tent dis­tance and ac­cu­racy. Im­proved face milling also helps in­crease con­trol.


The RTX-3 wedges come in lofts from 46° to 64° in ei­ther a tour satin or highly durable black satin fin­ish FEEL 4 There’s no ques­tion that the feel off the face is ex­cel­lent; soft, with plenty of feed­back as to where you’ve made con­tact. Per­haps more im­pres­sive is the feel through the turf. From tight lies, the V-shape sole, with more lead­ing edge bounce, al­most glides through the turf even when you catch the ground slightly be­fore the ball, cre­at­ing shal­low div­ots. This should help nervier chip­pers feel a lit­tle more re­laxed over the ball. FOR­GIVE­NESS 5 RTX-3 wedges help you re­tain more con­trol and ac­cu­racy on mishits – an­other big im­prove­ment over their pre­de­ces­sors and an un­der­rated per­for­mance ben­e­fit. They feel more sta­ble at im­pact; the strike feels crisper with carry dis­tances more con­sis­tent as a re­sult. The im­prove­ment in lat­eral dis­per­sion was also pleas­ing with the RTX-3, en­hanc­ing ac­cu­racy on full shots. CON­TROL 6 Spin lev­els were very high, even on par­tial pitch shots and shots from the rough. From tight lies, the laser face-milling and sur­face rough­ness pro­vide am­ple check on the sec­ond bounce, mean­ing you can ac­cel­er­ate the club­head more ag­gres­sively through im­pact with more com­mit­ment and trust that the ball will still stop where you want it to. VER­SA­TIL­ITY 7 The sole grind and shap­ing isn’t as ag­gres­sive as in other wedge de­signs, but there is still enough heel and toe re­lief in the dif­fer­ent bounce op­tions to play most shots around the green. The mid-bounce grind is es­pe­cially ver­sa­tile, ideal for your most fre­quently used wedge. BALL FLIGHT 8 The dif­fer­ent tech­nolo­gies on the face work to­gether to grip the ball ex­tremely well and as a re­sult the ini­tial launch an­gle and ball flight are lower than you might ex­pect. With that lower flight comes extra con­trol of the tra­jec­tory and a longer first bounce – some­thing to bear in mind. DIS­TANCE 9 Cleve­land’s wedge up­grade isn’t about hit­ting it fur­ther. You’ll find dis­tances are more con­sis­tent in the wind and the amount of roll-out more pre­dictable from dif­fer­ent lies, help­ing you judge the ball’s jour­ney bet­ter on short-game shots. VER­DICT 10 The RTX-3 takes spin con­trol to new heights. Chip and pitch shots have be­come more pre­dictable from the rough, which should help golfers im­prove their scores. The lower ball flight and added for­give­ness on full shots should gen­er­ate greater dis­tance con­trol.

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