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KEY TECH­NOL­OGY The T7 is the first Mizuno wedge to ben­e­fit from boron in­fu­sion, which makes the club­head ma­te­rial much stronger for longer-last­ing spin con­trol. The shape be­comes more rounded as the loft in­creases to suit more open-faced shots.

GM RE­VIEW Looks The T7 is a mus­cle­back de­sign that looks stun­ning, whether you choose the white satin or blue IP fin­ish. We en­joyed the change in pro­file as the loft in­creases, mov­ing from an iron-like shape in the lower lofts to a more rounded de­sign in the higher lofts, pro­vid­ing ver­sa­til­ity. Per­for­mance A com­mon com­plaint among golfers is that the con­trol you get from fresh wedges wears off too quickly. Mizuno claims to have solved this, al­though the proof will come months or even years down the line. We ex­pe­ri­enced ex­cel­lent feel from these wedges, de­spite the ad­di­tion of the boron. The T7 pro­vides a low launch on full shots – some­thing that will en­able a bet­ter con­trol of ball flight and is a sign of more spin be­ing cre­ated at im­pact. We were amazed by how much check we were get­ting on the sec­ond bounce, even on short chip shots, which means you can be more ag­gres­sive from dif­fer­ent lies. There are a wide va­ri­ety of lofts avail­able to help your gap­ping, and us­ing the wedge op­ti­miser as part of Mizuno’s Swing DNA fit­ting sys­tem will help you cover all the dis­tances you want. Con­sider this Grinds could have been more pro­nounced on the higher lofts.

VER­DICT Time will tell if the con­trol is longer last­ing, but the ini­tial lev­els of feel and spin were ex­cep­tion­ally high.

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