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In ad­di­tion to drink­ing gal­lons of wa­ter on long-haul flights, I use SK-II Fa­cial Treat­ment Mask [9], to quench and plump my skin. Some­times, I’ll pop eye-patch masks on un­der­neath, for a double dose.

My favourite fra­grance is Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret Bomb­shell [1]. It’s a fruity and an en­er­getic twist on the orig­i­nal Bomb­shell.

I’m big on eye­liner and mas­cara. My go-to is the Max Fac­tor 2000 Calo­rie Curl Ad­dict Mas­cara [7]. Be­cause the wand is so bril­liantly shaped, I don’t have to curl my lashes. So much vol­ume and lift with so lit­tle ef­fort!

Con­stant travelling and lit­tle sleep can lead to break­outs, but the tini­est amount of Mario Bade­scu Dry­ing Lo­tion [2] zaps each and ev­ery spot.

If I ever have a skin­care dilemma, I al­ways find that make-up artists have the an­swer. Wendy Rowe is full of knowl­edge. I worked on the Max Fac­tor cam­paign with her, but I also love Tom Pecheux, who did my make-up for the VS show.

Work­ing on my body all-year-round, rather than just be­fore a big event or show, has def­i­nitely changed my life. I do a lot of yoga and have a per­sonal trainer, so any chance I have I’ll go train. Some­times, it’s not hard-core; it could just be yoga, con­cen­trat­ing on med­i­ta­tion and stretch­ing.

I got into yoga fol­low­ing a Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret swim trip, where they wanted to film a se­quence of us all do­ing yoga – I lit­er­ally freaked out, I was ter­ri­ble. But all the mod­els started tak­ing lessons from Candice [Swanepoel] – she is a yoga god­dess, and now I’m pretty good at it.

Well­ness pills are es­sen­tial for my gen­eral health and to stop me get­ting sick. I also like to take a fish oil sup­ple­ment to en­hance my hair, skin and nails.

1. Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret Bomb­shell, £61.82. 2. Mario Bade­scu Dry­ing Lo­tion, £16. 3. Weleda Skin Food, £10.95. 4. Bare Bi­ol­ogy Lion Heart Omega-3, £6.50 for 28 cap­sules. 5. Max Fac­tor Last­ing Per­for­mance Foun­da­tion, £9.99. 6. Max Fac­tor Bronzer, £9.99. 7....

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