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Change is the or­der

of the day for Kylie Minogue – a new sound, newly sin­gle and a big birth­day com­ing up – and yet some­how pop’s fairy princess looks just the same. But only a glance at Wikipedia would tell you that Kylie will be 50 this May. That’s not to say she hasn’t been busy for the last few years: fin­ish­ing with her ru­moured ‘love rat’ fi­ancé Joshua Sasse, for one. It’s just that she knows to han­dle it bet­ter, by now. ‘ You just know your­self more,’ she shrugs, sit­ting in a suite in Lon­don’s Corinthia Ho­tel. ‘ Which doesn’t mean I’m cut­ting my­self off from be­ing open to op­por­tu­nity and ex­pe­ri­ence. You can still be beau­ti­fully com­pli­cated – it doesn’t sim­plify ev­ery­thing. But it’s def­i­nitely a change. I don’t know if I can ver­balise it that well yet, but it feels good.’

We are here to dis­cuss love, life and, sur­pris­ingly, Kylie’s new specs range, her sec­ond in as­so­ci­a­tion with Spec­savers (the first one is the brand’s best-seller). How­ever, the main at­trac­tion is ob­vi­ously Kylie her­self, who is decked out in a wafty pink and white Chloé dress (‘I’ve had this 10 years’) with a huge pink mo­hair cricket sweater lay­ered on top, and cute lit­tle white leather an­kle boots. Can­dyfloss chif­fon and white leather isn’t ex­actly ev­ery­one’s day at­tire, but then ev­ery­one isn’t Kylie. ‘It feels real to me,’ she says.

In per­son, she is even smaller and more del­i­cate than you’d ex­pect, teeny-tiny beau­ti­ful. But the real sur­prise is that she her­self is a glasses-wearer. She says she has a pair on ‘from the mo­ment I wake up to go­ing to sleep’. Does she get good re­ac­tions when she puts them on? ‘Pretty good re­ac­tions, ac­tu­ally,’ she smiles. ‘I know that, be­cause I used to have that thing where you’d go on a date, read the menu and’ – she sud­denly mimes it – ‘“Let me get my spec­ta­cles out!” And I have to say, they go down a treat.’

Dat­ing is on ev­ery Kylie fan’s mind, ever since she abruptly broke off her en­gage­ment with Sasse, some 20 years her ju­nior, early last year (there were ru­mours of his cheat­ing with a Span­ish ac­tress). Asked to­day if she’ll date again, she says pru­dently, ‘I guess so – we’ll see.’ She clearly hasn’t to­tally given up on love, though, be­cause around her wrist is a bracelet of rose quartz crys­tals, which her friend bought her last year when they were on hol­i­day in Thai­land. ‘ We thought we 

needed love crys­tals,’ she chuck­les. What else did she get from Thai­land? ‘Re­lax­ation! A few rosés. Beach time.’

Thai­land was part of her re­cov­ery from the love split (she has said she had ‘a ner­vous break­down’). What’s the key to mov­ing on? Drink­ing rosé? She pauses, du­bi­ous. ‘I don’t think rosé is for mov­ing on. I think rosé is for: “Stop. Have a rosé.”’ OK, so what is?

‘ Work. Friends. Change of scenery. And I had all those things, so it was great. And – know­ing it was the right thing! You know, even things that have not gone so well – I’m pretty fa­tal­is­tic about that. We can’t go back, we can’t change any­thing. You just have to see clearly where you are, and where you’ve been.’ She does ad­mit, though, that get­ting older is help­ing her get over things quicker. ‘I def­i­nitely feel that change is hap­pen­ing – and it’s good! You don’t have the time, you don’t have the en­ergy – you can cut to the chase more.’

Ask Kylie if she’s where she thought she’d be a few years ago, and she pulls a face. ‘I’ve been asked, ever since I first started do­ing in­ter­views at 19, “Where do you see your­self in five years?” I’ve never known the an­swer, hon­estly.’ Cer­tainly it would have been hard to imag­ine that she’d end up mak­ing a coun­try-pop al­bum, riff­ing on the tra­di­tion of Dolly Par­ton and co. Her first yee-hah sin­gle, Danc­ing, is a call-to-arms (or at least to the dance floor) an­them. Is she al­ways the first on the floor?

‘I’m nor­mally the guilty party,’ she nods, and mimes again – this time, a bit of a lasso. ‘I don’t think I’m gonna be, and I don’t plan to be, but usu­ally I am.’ She also con­fides that ‘an­other thing I’ve stum­bled across is, if you have to move fur­ni­ture – that means a good time. I’ve done that so many times – shift­ing fur­ni­ture to make an im­promptu dance area.’

Danc­ing will also be on the menu, ob­vi­ously, when she goes on tour again this sum­mer. Does she worry about man­ag­ing her en­ergy af­ter her breast can­cer scare in 2005? ‘I think that’s the in­ten­tion, but it’s eas­ier in the­ory.’ A tour is a marathon, she says, but the prob­lem is, ‘I am not a marathon run­ner. I don’t run at all. No Minogues run! It’s a joke in our fam­ily.’ How­ever, when she’s on stage, the adren­a­line takes over. She isn’t even sure how she stays in shape – she does some yoga ‘once in a while’, but ‘I’m not a gym bunny,’ she frowns. ‘Photo shoots and videos – they’re my work­outs!’

She seems philo­soph­i­cal about age­ing. Asked if she wor­ries about clothes be­ing age-ap­pro­pri­ate, she sighs. ‘I don’t know what the “rules” are, what you’re meant to wear when you’re ap­proach­ing 50.’ How­ever, she does ad­mit drily that ‘dif­fer­ent things go through my mind when I put a bikini on now’. Any­way, she says, it’s dif­fi­cult to com­pare dif­fer­ent ages.

‘It’s re­ally hard to put your­self back to when you were 20, or 25, be­cause with time pass­ing you think, “Oh, we didn’t have any wor­ries.” Well, yes we did! They were just dif­fer­ent wor­ries.’ But, she says, one thing holds true: ‘I just un­der­stand my­self now – which is re­ward­ing.’ Time for an­other lasso. Kylie Minogue Eye­wear, ex­clu­sive to Spec­savers, is avail­able in stores na­tion­wide from 9 April; Kylie’s al­bum ‘ Golden’ is out 6 April

Above: Kylie in specs! Right: rest­ing on hol­i­day in Thai­land. Top: on stage in Lon­don last week

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