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This is an­other fan­tas­tic walk shared by Sue Mardell, a regular walker around Calderdale and be­yond. Sue, from Sav­ile Park, said: “The walk starts in Lud­den­den Foot and is not quite as the ti­tle sug­gests, but al­most a di­rect and straight as­cent of one of Calderdale’s recog­nis­able hill­tops. “It is far from a moun­tain but has many their re­deem­ing fea­tures, es­pe­cially the 360 de­gree panorama from the sum­mit which makes the ef­fort worth while. “It de­scends onto the Crag Vale hill­sides and re­turn along the canal tow­path from Brear­ley.” START AND FIN­ISH - Lud­den­den Foot (regular buses along Burn­ley Road or park your car in Sta­tion Road) DIS­TANCE - Eight miles. GRADE - Mod­er­ate TER­RAIN - Tracks, grassy paths, cob­bles, tar­mac, canal tow­path Leave Lud­den­den Foot along Sta­tion Road in a west­erly di­rec­tion and cross the Rochdale canal and the river Calder. Con­tinue straight for­ward up the cob­bles of Black­wood Hall Lane which takes you over the rail­way. No­tice the sub­lime sphag­num moss cov­ered wall on the bend. Af­ter a sharp left hand bend the cob­bles end and tar­mac be­gins with a handrail if re­quired. At an im­pres­sive stone gatepost turn to the right then first left and join Mil­ner­gate. This is close to the old school which is now res­i­den­tial. Just be­fore some bun­ga­lows take the path on the left and climb up the field side on a de­light­ful cob­bled walk­way to emerge at High Lee Care Home. Turn right up the drive to ar­rive at Sowerby Lane. Go through the gate ahead and walk up the field next to the cricket field to ar­rive at the top cor­ner where the path con­tin­ues up­wards. Con­tinue up the flagged field side path then to the left aim­ing for the next farm and cot­tages, Hollins. There is a short road sec­tion here but the stile is on your left shortly. Con­tinue in a southerly di­rec­tion, con­tour­ing now to reach a white farm house. You will no­tice Steep Lane Chapel ahead, also hous­ing. Walk up the grassy and of­ten boggy track un­til you emerge onto a tar­mac mi­nor road with a seat at the end of a bri­dle­way to the left. The views from here are stunning and it is worth tak­ing a bev­er­age break to ad­mire them. Con­tinue to the end of New Lane and turn right up Steep Lane. Op­po­site the next block of cot­tages take the drive­way to Lower Quick­stavers Farm.

Walk to the ex­ten­sive build­ings and note the path just to right through a gate by the ‘West Wing’. Walk up the field side to next stile, cross it and walk up to the right, over an­other stile. Go straight on here onto the heather moor and the path soon be­comes a ‘dual way’ cre­ated by a ve­hi­cle. Go to the top and see your first view of Crow Hill, Sowerby, but not quite there yet! Walk up the wall side to a track and then turn right notic­ing the sign post ahead. Turn left and cross a boggy sec­tion and fol­low a bro­ken wall al­ways as­cend­ing. Cross stile or open gate where you will find a track. Note this point as you will be re­turn­ing to it af­ter the fi­nal as­cent of the hill. The path ahead is a lit­tle steeper but it is short and you will see the wel­come trig point on the sum­mit (383m) Take a well earned break and lis­ten to the sky­larks and maybe even a crow or two. The all around views are truly spec­tac­u­lar and well worth the ef­fort of the climb. Stood­ley Pike, War­ley Moor wind farm and Holme Moss can be picked out plus many more familiar land­marks. Start the de­scent by re­trac­ing your steps to the stile at the bot­tom of the in­cline and turn left (NW) on the track. Join a tar­mac lane and turn right for a short time be­fore turn­ing left at the main junc­tion. Pass Wa­ter Stalls Farm and turn right down High Stones lane At the bot­tom turn right and then take the stile on the left to con­tinue to de­scend down a rocky field. Take the stile on the right by a rhodo­den­dron bush and aim for the farm with the white gable end - Wether Hill Farm. En­ter the farm­yard by the main gate and pass be­tween the sta­bles and farm­house. Turn left at the end. Just be­fore the next farm - Wood Top - the path swings to the left down a path which is shared with a stream and the two in­ter­min­gle in places to en­ter woods.

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