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4160 Tues­days was borne after her first foray into writ­ing a novel about a per­fumer who solves peo­ples’ prob­lems by mix­ing them a scent that will take them back to a trea­sured mem­ory and a hap­pier time. In telling her friends about the book, she was some­what per­plexed by the fact that no one said they ac­tu­ally wanted to read it. In­stead they wanted their own per­fumes.

“Sarah, I want to go back to sum­mer days in Scar­bor­ough with the salty sea air, the smell of sun­tan lo­tion, pink pep­per­mint rock and the vanilla ice cream bribe at the end of the day to get us back in the car,” said one friend, so What I Did On My Hol­i­days was born, with top notes of lavender and co­conut lo­tion, seaweed, salt, a waft of pep­per­mint and those won­der­ful sound­ing heart notes of candy floss with a base note of the vanilla ice cream bribe.

That was it as far as Sarah was con­cerned. She had started mix­ing po­tions and she could not stop.

The re­quests kept com­ing in, so Tart’s Knicker Draw, The Sex­i­est Scent on The Planet. Ever, Evil Max and Eal­ing Green, among many oth­ers, were born.

Talk­ing about Eal­ing Green, Sarah told me: “I’d long wanted to make a scent for Eal­ing, my adopted home. I met my hus­band at Eal­ing Stu­dios in Eal­ing Green, at a wed­ding. Then I was in­vited to make a mid­sum­mer scent for a char­ity evening, us­ing plants and flow­ers named in Shake­speare’s A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream, so I com­bined the two ideas and cre­ated the scent of Eal­ing Green on a sum­mer evening, in the early 17th Cen­tury. It’s full of nat­u­ral white thyme, green grass, vi­o­lets and lavender, gera­ni­ums and roses with an earthy base.”

Sarah strikes a fan­tas­tic bal­ance be­tween her nat­u­ral and syn­thetic scents with many per­fumes in­fused with mol­e­cules taken straight from the orig­i­nal source. Her knowl­edge is ex­tra­or­di­nary and clearly driven by pas­sion. This is not about money or pres­tige for Sarah, it’s about a de­sire to cre­ate a lit­tle bit of magic.

Oh, and the name? If we live un­til we’re 80, we have 4160 Tues­days. Tues­days are, Sarah be­lieves, for do­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent and she uses hers to make per­fume.

I leave the 4160 Tues­days per­fumery clutch­ing my Cuban boyfriend in a bot­tle, with my head swimming with pic­tures and my poor old ol­fac­tory bulb close to col­lapse.

The book is yet to be pub­lished, but the scents tell their own story.

n SMELL OF SUC­CESS: Sarah McCart­ney

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