Evicted – along with their owner

Can you give an an­i­mal a lov­ing home and a new start in life?

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IN the middle of Fe­bru­ary the Mid­dle­sex North West Branch of the RSPCA re­ceived a call to see if we could take in three cats about to be made home­less due to their owner be­ing evicted from their home.

We im­me­di­ately agreed to take An­dre, Penny and Lou when their owner ex­plained that be­cause of their per­sonal cir­cum­stances they would no longer be able to give them a home.

The branch man­ager, Al­lan Harper, said: “The sit­u­a­tion that th­ese three cats have found them­selves in is some­thing we face all too of­ten when peo­ple lose their home. Typ­i­cally they will be of­fered tem­po­rary hous­ing which re­sults in them not just los­ing their home but also their pets which are of­ten a re­ally big part of their life.”

We are want­ing to find new homes as quickly as we can for th­ese three lovely cats who have, through no fault of their own had their lives turned up­side down.

An­dre (grey and white male) and Penny (black and white fe­male) are both about six years old and we would like to find them a home where they can stay liv­ing to­gether. While An­dre is quite con­fi­dent Penny is a lit­tle shy so she will need a lit­tle more time to set­tle into her new home. They are though both quite friendly cats and will make lovely fam­ily pets in a fam­ily with older chil­dren, ideally over seven years old. We would like a home for them where they will be able to go out in the gar­den and ex­plore a bit when they want a bit of time on their own.

Lou is an older cat tf from theth same home as An­dre and Penny. She is a friendly tabby cat who likes be­ing around peo­ple but she isn’t so keen on other cats so we re­ally would like he her to have a ho home where she will be the on­lyl cat.t Sh She i is quiteit an in­de­pen­dent girl who likes her space so if you want to adopt Lou you will need a gar­den so she can spend a bit of time on her own when she wants. Lou would also be fine with older chil­dren.

I you would like to find out how you can of­fer a home to An­dre and Penny or Lou, please call us on 020 8966 9688 or email us at: info@rsp­camid­dle­sex.org.uk or see www.rspca-mid­dle­sex.org.uk

n Penny

n EX­PLORER: An­dre and his pal Penny would like a home with a gar­den

n IN­DE­PEN­DENT: Lou would ben­e­fit from be­ing the only cat in her new home

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