In­quest opens into man found with false doc­u­ments at Heathrow Air­port

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THE in­quest into the sui­cide of a man who was in re­mand at Worm­wood Scrubs prison heard how of­fi­cers at­tempted to save him in the mo­ments af­ter they found him hang­ing.

Olawale Adelusi, 41, who was on re­mand in the prison af­ter he was found with false doc­u­ments at Heathrow Air­port on Oc­to­ber 28 2014, hanged him­self in his cell on Novem­ber 3 2014.

He died 10 days later at St Mary’s Hospital.

On the fifth day of the in­quest, the jury heard how con­fu­sion fol­lowed the dis­cov­ery of Mr Adelusi, with of­fi­cers re­port­ing the emer­gency to the con­trol room us­ing a code sys­tem the op­er­a­tor did not un­der­stand.

The jury also heard a prisoner had fallen onto the net­ting that sep­a­rates the floors at the prison in the mo­ments lead­ing up to Mr Adelusi’s sui­cide, re­sult­ing in all in­mates on his floor being locked in­side their cells.

Of­fi­cer An­drew Broad­foot, who was giv­ing ev­i­dence at the in­quest, told how Mr Adelusi was on a watch that meant he would be checked on three times a day and five times dur­ing the night, with all three day­time con­ver­sa­tions used to gauge his well­be­ing.

He said: “I spoke to Mr Adelusi that morn­ing and had a con­ver­sa­tion with him. I asked him if he was okay and that if he had any is­sues through­out the day to come and talk to me.

“We had a con­ver­sa­tion through the door but there wasn’t any­thing to make me con­cerned.”

Of­fi­cer Broad­foot also ex­plained that Of­fi­cer Matthew Dukes was the per­son to raise the alarm af­ter he found Mr Adelusi.

He added: “I thought it was a fight orig­i­nally, but Mr Dukes then shouted ‘staff ’, which means that some­thing has gone wrong and all avail­able staff are needed. I was in the cell but was told to leave and go back to the of­fice, but it was very chaotic out­side the cell.”

An­other of­fi­cer who was present on the day also told the in­quest how it seemed like a ‘riot’ oc­cur­ring out­side the cell, with a lot of ver­bal noise, alarm bells and whis­tles sound­ing.

Of­fi­cer Noel O’Neill, who worked in the con­trol room at Worm­wood Scrubs, also felt the sit­u­a­tion was get­ting ‘heated’ and he told the jury how he pulled the dou­ble alarm as a re­sult of the back­ground noise that he could hear over the ra­dio.

He told the jury: “The dou­ble alarm was raised due to the back­ground noise – there was a lot of scream­ing and shout­ing and so I took it upon my­self to pull the dou­ble alarm.”

Of­fi­cer O’Neill also ex­plained how the con­trol room re­ceived a ra­dio mes­sage for a ‘code blue’ which was not used by the prison, who used ei­ther code one or code two to de­scribe emer­gen­cies.

The in­quest con­tin­ues.

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