Forced to re­ply for sake of the facts

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IN the in­ter­est of ac­cu­racy, rel­e­vance and hon­esty I find that against my stated wishes (ie) “Let­ter War” I must re­ply to Coun­cil­lor Gard­ner’s pu­trid let­ter of June 15 2016. Her pa­thetic at­tempt at “bul­ly­ing by me­dia” can­not be al­lowed to go un­chal­lenged.

To date I have not called Cllr Gard­ner “a liar” as she claims, I try to con­duct my­self with de­cency and only dive to this level when I am given no other op­tion. It is a great pity that the nuns who al­legedly ed­u­cated Coun­cil­lor Gard­ner could not in­stil re­straint in her while they had the chance all those years ago.

I am the “same Fa­gan who stood for UKIP at the last coun­cil elec­tions” and I am proud of the sup­port I re­ceived in my first step into the jun­gle of lo­cal pol­i­tics where ap­par­ently any­thing goes. I man­aged to come 4th out of 9 which given voter dy­nam­ics in Town­field ward was a re­spectable re­sult. I left UKIP shortly af­ter the elec­tion over an is­sue of prin­ci­ple not pol­icy. In con­trast Cllr Gard­ner has re­mained “loyal” to the Labour dogma from the war­mon­ger­ing years of Blair to the ban-all-weapons pol­icy of the cur­rent ad­min­is­tra­tion. What­ever her rea­sons, Ms Gard­ner ob­vi­ously sees is­sues of prin­ci­ple dif­fer­ently than I do as I have heard noth­ing from her or her col­leagues in the Hayes wards about the an­tiSemitism and bro­ken London trans­port fares prom­ises that im­pact on many in the Hayes area.

Ms Gard­ner knows full well that I lack nei­ther the “courage” or in­tel­li­gence to speak to peo­ple of all ages in any num­bers and I do so on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. It is these peo­ple who are telling me that they are “ner­vous/afraid” to en­ter Hayes af­ter evening time.

Even­tu­ally Coun­cil­lor Gard­ner did ad­mit that the is­sues raised do ex­ist but of­fered no sug­ges­tions as to how they might be solved. Just when I thought that Gard­ner could not sink any lower in my opin­ion she man­aged to achieve this by ap­pear­ing to gloat at the ac­com­mo­da­tion dif­fi­cul­ties cur­rently be­ing ex­pe­ri­enced by my friend Mr Dixon and Ms Gandy. Both of these hard work­ing peo­ple are in­tel­li­gent enough to deal with Ms Gard­ner in their own way, but I fear for oth­ers who have en­trusted per­sonal or pri­vate in­for­ma­tion into the “care” of Coun­cil­lor Gard­ner.

I do sin­cerely hope that this mat­ter can be laid to rest here, thus free­ing up Coun­cil­lor Gard­ner to con­tinue with her ef­forts to ad­dress prob­lems that are threat­en­ing to es­ca­late out of con­trol. BERNARD FA­GAN Avon­dale Drive, Hayes

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