An­i­mal Res­cue with Mar­ion Gar­nett

Ded­i­cated an­i­mal ex­pert Mar­ion Gar­nett, founder of the Eal­ing An­i­mal Wel­fare Bazaar, con­tin­ues her col­umn

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IN his Dogs Trust notes, it says Hewie can live with a fe­male dog once home ‘but this is not es­sen­tial’. It’s al­ways im­por­tant to sort out the es­sen­tials from what is op­tional.

With re­gards to own­ing a dog, what is es­sen­tial is that the dog’s owner should love them and ev­ery­thing else should fol­low.

Hewie has had a dif­fi­cult past and is look­ing for a kind, pa­tient owner who is go­ing to love him and who he can love in re­turn.

He is a six to 12-month-old Jack Russell Ter­rier Cross­breed so he’s got his whole life to look for­ward to. Dogs Trust pro­duce lots of in­for­ma­tion to help peo­ple un­der­stand the es­sen­tials of dog care.

They in­clude mak­ing sure you have time for your dog.

Hewie has lots of en­ergy and loves to play so needs some­one who is around most of the day. He needs own­ers who will spend time build­ing a bond with him – some­one who is go­ing to en­joy be­ing with him.

It is also es­sen­tial to make sure you can af­ford a dog.

Costs to con­sider in­clude food, vet bills, in­surance and train­ing classes.

Hewie is clever and al­ready knows ba­sic com­mands but he would ben­e­fit from more train­ing.

Com­ing from Dogs Trust, Hewie will al­ready be mi­crochipped and neutered but these are im­por­tant costs for own­ers to re­mem­ber.

Mi­crochip­ping is a le­gal re­quire­ment and so is mak­ing sure that, when in a public place, your dog can be iden­ti­fied by wear­ing a col­lar tag with the owner’s name and ad­dress on it.

Other es­sen­tials of dog own­er­ship in­clude mak­ing sure your dog is un­der con­trol at all times and is not a nui­sance to oth­ers and en­sur­ing that if your dog fouls in a public place, it is cleaned up.

No­body wants to put their foot in it.

If you think you can give Hewie the es­sen­tials he needs, plus a lib­eral help­ing of op­tional ex­tras, you can meet him at Dogs Trust, Harvil Road, Hare­field.

Go­ing back to who, like Hewie, you wouldn’t mind liv­ing with, if you’re think­ing of get­ting mar­ried and want some­thing dif­fer­ent to wedding favours, Dogs Trust pro­vide an op­tion for you to cel­e­brate your day with Dogs Trust wedding keep­sakes such as lapel pins and ex­clu­sively de­signed wedding cards.

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