Quiz chal­lenge

Each ques­tion has four pos­si­ble an­swers and is worth from one to 15 points. Cir­cle your cho­sen an­swers and keep a record of your points to­tal. Max­i­mum to­tal points 120.

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QUES­TION 1 – for 1 point:

Which char­ac­ter in the Bi­ble wore a coat of many colours?

QUES­TION 2 – for 2 points:

What name is given to a serve in tennis that the op­po­nent can­not re­turn?

QUES­TION 3 – for 3 points:

Which car­toon char­ac­ter used the phrase “What’s up, Doc”?

QUES­TION 4 – for 4 points:

Which of the four home na­tions did not qual­ify for the fi­nals of the Euro 2016 foot­ball cham­pi­onships?

QUES­TION 5 – for 5 points:

What type of walker is a fu­nam­bu­list?

QUES­TION 6 – for 6 points:

Which of these rivers flows through New York City?

QUES­TION 7 – for 7 points:

Which Os­car-win­ning ac­tress is Bri­tish ac­tor Paul Bet­tany mar­ried to?

QUES­TION 8 – for 8 points:

What type of mu­si­cal in­stru­ment is a spinet?

QUES­TION 9 – for 9 points:

What sur­name is shared by an Amer­i­can pres­i­dent and a Bri­tish prime min­is­ter?

QUES­TION 10 – for 10 points:

A B C D Ja­cob Joseph Joshua Jonathan Which artist cut off part of his ear in a fit of de­pres­sion? A B C D Vin­cent van Gogh Henri Toulouse-Lautrec Ed­vard Munch Fran­cisco Goya

QUES­TION 11 – for 11 points:

What is mea­sured in dynes? A B C D Hu­mid­ity Grav­ity Force Cloud cover A B C D Jack Queen King Ace

QUES­TION 12 – for 12 points:

What is the main in­gre­di­ent of the Latin Amer­i­can dish ce­viche? A Raw fish B Cac­tus pulp C Pick­led pork D Horse meat A B C D Bugs Bunny Tweety Pie Sylvester Top Cat Ac­tor Paul Bet­tany. See Ques­tion 7

QUES­TION 13 – for 13 points:

What colour is pro­duced by sodium when used in fire­works? A Yel­low B Green C Red D Blue A B C D Anne Hath­away Pene­lope Cruz Jen­nifer Con­nelly Pa­tri­cia Ar­quette A B C D Eng­land Wales Scot­land North­ern Ire­land

QUES­TION 14 – for 14 points:

A B C D Wood­wind Brass Key­board Per­cus­sion What does the mu­si­cal term ‘da capo’ stand for? A B C D Heavy, pon­der­ous In the style of a march Re­peat from the be­gin­ning Stressed, ac­cented A Sleep­walker B Dog walker C Stilt-walker D Tightrope walker

QUES­TION 15 – for 15 points:

A Ma­jor B Wil­son C Glad­stone D Adams Which French town, on the river Scarpe, gave its name to a type of ta­pes­try? A B C D Avi­gnon Ar­les Angers Arras A B C D Delaware Po­tomac Hud­son Charles

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