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DO YOU re­mem­ber at school be­ing told of some ter­ri­ble mis­deed such as the mis­ap­pro­pri­a­tion of toi­let rolls or graf­fiti on a black­board and the cul­prit be­ing asked to own up?If they didn’t, the whole class would be pun­ished.

The in­jus­tice of it sends a shiver down my spine even now, but who would have thought that it would con­tinue into adult life?

A drink at the air­port be­fore or on a flight may soon be a thing of the past be­cause of ‘the ris­ing num­ber of hen and stag par­ties caus­ing chaos’ ac­cord­ing to Lord Ahmed, the new Avi­a­tion Min­is­ter.

For those of us who dis­like fly­ing, an in­jec­tion of al­co­hol be­fore and af­ter take-off is wel­come, if not vi­tal. I do how­ever own up to tak­ing it too far on a flight to New York years ago, when af­ter a few drinks, no wa­ter, non-stop chat, and too much adrenalin, I suf­fered se­ri­ous de­hy­dra­tion.

When we left the plane I was struck down by the worst migraine ever, and Mr F and the friends we were trav­el­ling with, had their first sight of the Big Ap­ple ru­ined by me vom­it­ing into a car­rier bag as we crossed the Brook­lyn Bridge.

It wouldn’t hap­pen now. I learned my les­son. But my stu­pid­ity didn’t re­sult in me bad­mouthing peo­ple or start­ing a fight and hav­ing to be strapped into my seat.

Then... grrr …I dis­cov­ered that there is a move by the Gov­ern­ment Dig­i­tal Ser­vice to stop those lovely lit­tle Latin abbreviations like eg and etc be­ing used on their web­sites, be­cause they may be con­fus­ing for some peo­ple.

Surely most peo­ple are fa­mil­iar with words like ad hoc, vice versa, via and sta­tus quo? If not, they can al­ways google them.

Ev­ery­one who saw An­thony Hop­kins as Han­ni­bal Lecter in Si­lence of the Lambs will re­mem­ber the use of quid pro pro, when he was speak­ing to Jodie Fos­ter from his cell.

Learn­ing the mean­ings of these abbreviations takes no more ap­pli­ca­tion than learn­ing text speak like LOL or BTW.

The mix­ture of in­flu­ences that make up our lan­guage shouldn’t be aban­doned be­cause a few can’t be both­ered to ap­ply them­selves. Nor should the choice to have a quiet gin and tonic on the plane be re­moved, be­cause of the ex­treme be­hav­iour of a few.

How­ever, it seems if it goes on, we’ll all be kept in at play­time…

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