Quiz chal­lenge

Each ques­tion has four pos­si­ble an­swers and is worth from one to 15 points. Cir­cle your cho­sen an­swers and keep a record of your points to­tal. Max­i­mum to­tal points 120.

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QUES­TION 1 – for 1 point: Which Asian coun­try’s na­tional flag has a white back­ground with a red cir­cle at its cen­tre?

A China B In­done­sia C Ja­pan D Tai­wan

QUES­TION 2 – for 2 points: Which of the fol­low­ing trav­els at the high­est speed?

A A chee­tah B A pere­grine fal­con C A speed cy­clist D Par­ti­cles of mois­ture

gen­er­ated by a sneeze

QUES­TION 3 – for 3 points: Ac­cord­ing to the proverb, what does one swal­low not make?

A An ar­gu­ment B A meal C A baby swal­low D A sum­mer

QUES­TION 4 – for 4 points: Where might ‘un­cle’ pop a weasel?

A In a bet­ting shop B In a tai­lor’s shop C In an iron­mon­gery D In a pawn­shop

QUES­TION 5 – for 5 points: What were the trif­fids in John Wyn­d­ham’s book The Day Of The Trif­fids?

A Jel­ly­fish with at­ti­tude B Mo­bile plants C Gi­ant mush­rooms D Killer worms

QUES­TION 6 – for 6 points: How many coun­tries share a bor­der with main­land France?

A Six B Seven C Eight D Nine

QUES­TION 7 – for 7 points: Steven Spiel­berg’s 2005 film The War Of The Worlds is based on the work of which nov­el­ist?

A Edgar Allan Poe B H.G. Wells C Ray Brad­bury D Jules Verne

QUES­TION 8 – for 8 points: Ri­poste and parry are terms used in which sport?

A Lacrosse B Fenc­ing C Cro­quet D Karate

QUES­TION 9 – for 9 points: When does a vi­cen­nial event oc­cur?

A Every two years B Every 12 years C Every 20 years D Every 200 years

QUES­TION 10 – for 10 points: If dogs whelp and pigs far­row, which an­i­mals yean?

A Horses B Cats C Sheep D Badgers

QUES­TION 11 – for 11 points: Who has hosted the Academy Awards the most times?

A Bob Hope B Billy Crys­tal C Whoopi Gold­berg D Johnny Car­son

QUES­TION 12 – for 12 points: Wil­liam Smith (1769-1839) was said to be the fa­ther of which of the fol­low­ing?

A Eng­lish Agri­cul­ture B Eng­lish Ar­chae­ol­ogy C Eng­lish Ge­og­ra­phy D Eng­lish Ge­ol­ogy

QUES­TION 13 – for 13 points: What are nek­ton?

A Greek ceme­ter­ies B Dead cells in the blood C Plant nodes which ex­trude nec­tar D Plank­ton that can swim

QUES­TION 14 – for 14 points: Which fic­tional hero was or­phaned at 11, brought up by his maiden aunt and went to the Univer­sity of Geneva?

A The Saint B James Bond C Richard Han­nay D In­spec­tor Morse

QUES­TION 15 – for 15 points: Which was the first sport­ing event to be tele­vised live?

A Wim­ble­don B The Univer­sity Boat Race C The FA Cup D An Ashes Test from Lords

Film di­rec­tor Steven Spiel­berg. See Ques­tion 7

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