‘Dis­grace’ of sign prob­lems at sta­tion

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LAST night (Novem­ber 24) – as usual – I was on a Padding­ton to Read­ing train which stopped at plat­form 1. This was at about 23.30.

There is only ONE Oys­ter ma­chine work­ing there. Why has the other ma­chine been dis­con­nected? It took ages to leave the sta­tion. Pa­thetic.

There were pas­sen­gers wait­ing on plat­form 4 to get to London. But trains were not us­ing plat­form 4. Why were they there? So I checked to see what was go­ing on.

Why is the screen at the en­trance to plat­form 4 still un­read­able? How dif­fi­cult is it to ad­just the con­tract con­trol to make it read­able? How dif­fi­cult is it to re­place the screen? This is­sue has been go­ing on for months and months. Pa­thetic.

There are still of­fi­cial signs stat­ing trains for Padding­ton de­part from plat­form 4, and Ox­ford/ Read­ing from plat­form 3. Why?

Why are the signs at the en­trance to plat­form 4 still stat­ing the wrong plat­forms in the early morn­ing, late at night and at week­ends? Pa­thetic

Why was the en­trance to plat­form 4 not bar­ri­caded off to stop peo­ple us­ing it (as it was at the week­end)? Pa­thetic.

Why were there no staff an­nounce­ments not to use plat­forms 4 and 3? Pa­thetic.

As I said saw there were some pas­sen­gers wait­ing at the end of plat­form 4 for Padding­ton. They didn’t know that trains for London were only us­ing plat­form 2. Why were they not in­formed by work­ing and vis­i­ble in­for­ma­tion sys­tems and/ or staff ? Pa­thetic.

And this chaos has been go­ing on every night for months if not years.

And as I’ve said be­fore if some­one is wait­ing on plat­form 3 for the last Ox­ford / Read­ing train which then ar­rives on plat­form 1 then the quick­est and only way to catch it is to cross the fast tracks. As an ex-rail­way­man and ex-health and safety rep for British Air­ways I am gob­s­macked that Great Western Rail­way, Cross­rail, and Net­work Rail should be de­lib­er­ately en­gi­neer­ing such an un­safe sit­u­a­tion.

Frankly the lack of cus­tomer in­for­ma­tion sys­tems and the in­for­ma­tion sig­nage at Hayes & Har­ling­ton Sta­tion has been and still is an ut­ter dis­grace and to­tally un­pro­fes­sional. C.J. BRADY Har­ling­ton via email

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