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but the worst thing was the sear­ing burn­ing pain I felt in my but­tock and leg... my Hus­band in­sisted I go to The Health Lodge. IÕm 95% bet­ter in just a cou­ple of weeks.Ó Take the Next Step - END the Suf­fer­ing... Ini­tial Con­sul­ta­tion Just £49 The first step is to se­cure a thor­ough ex­am­i­na­tion with one of the spe­cial­ists at The Health Lodge. Call to sched­ule your ap­point­ment. Men­tion this ar­ti­cle (CODE: BOS43BDSM4h) and the TEAM will hap­pily re­duce their usual con­sul­ta­tion fee of £195 to just £49! Are you suf­fer­ing from back pain, arm or leg pain, numb­ness, tin­gling, or weak­ness in your arms or legs? Then itÕs likely youÕre suf­fer­ing from a Bulging DISC. ThatÕs when one of your spinal discs is bulging and caus­ing these, some­times se­vere, symp­toms be­cause of the ef­fect itÕs hav­ing on your nerve sys­tem. FACT: seizure med­i­ca­tions have se­ri­ous po­ten­tial side-ef­fects and do not cure Bulging DISCs.

ÒI must have done some­thing wrong to dam­age my DISC.Ó

Phys­i­cal work or sim­ply sit­ting at a desk for long pe­ri­ods can lead to Bulging DISCs. Ac­ci­dents and trauma can also be the cul­prits. Preg­nancy can cause dam­age. DISC Bulges can hap­pen to any­one - in­clud­ing su­per-fit celebri­ties like Tiger Woods, Sylvester Stal­lone, and Bri­tish Olympic medal­ist Ian Wynne.

Stop ex­er­cis­ing and get sev­eral weeks of bed rest to let the Bulging DISC re­cover...

Not true. The Health Lodge in Hilling­don is cur­rently of­fer­ing an ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion with one of their spe­cial­ists for 02088488787 MYTH: Just £49. FACT: The Health Lodge Bulging DISC Ex­perts in Hilling­don. Only 100 reader con­sul­ta­tions are avail­able at this ex­clu­sively dis­counted rate. Call them now and get a full and thor­ough ex­am­i­na­tion to pin­point the cause of your prob­lem for just £49. The nor­mal cost of such an exam is £195 so you will save £146! Call them now on 02088488787

You may have al­ready had this di­ag­nosed on an MRI and thought that there is lit­tle that can be done about it and thatÕs a ma­jor prob­lem: bad in­for­ma­tion, be­cause The Health Lodge is one of the UKÕs lead­ing Bulging DISC ex­pert cen­tres. the team of fully-trained spinal care spe­cial­ists have helped over 4,026 pa­tients find re­lief from ag­o­nis­ing Bulging DISCs. in the right hands a lot can be done for you. MYTH: To end the mis­ery caused by Bulging DISCS you must have the right in­for­ma­tion. ItÕs one of the first places in the UK to use Non-Sur­gi­cal Re-Con­struc­tive Spinal Care.

This pro­ce­dure does not re­quire a hospi­tal stay and in most cases youÕll be able to con­tinue with your nor­mal daily ac­tiv­i­ties with lit­tle in­ter­rup­tion. The fo­cus is on find­ing - and cor­rect­ing - the orig­i­nal cause of the Bulged DISC.

Ac­cord­ing to The Health Lodge, ÒWe use a com­bi­na­tion of ul­tra-ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy, not found else­where in the re­gion, for pre­cisely di­ag­nos­ing the cause of your Bulging DISC. This means su­pe­rior longterm re­sults for most peo­ple.Ó Pay close at­ten­tion be­cause IÕm go­ing to de­stroy some im­por­tant myths and give you the facts. FACT:

Stay­ing ac­tive can help to re­lieve the pain and pre­vent the pain get­ting worse. Stay­ing in­ac­tive in bed could be the worst ad­vice - based on a re­cent study in the Nether­lands. and cut out or tear off this valu­able ar­ti­cle and take it to your ap­point­ment. YouÕll be on your way to safe, last­ing re­lief! You can even call on the week­end and leave a mes­sage on their an­swer­ing ma­chine to se­cure your spot and they prom­ise to re­turn all calls. Dur­ing the week staff can be very busy help­ing pa­tients so if they donÕt pick up straight away, do leave a mes­sage. Call NOW. If itÕs the week­end or theyÕre away from the phone - the spe­cial­ists at the Health Lodge prom­ise they will get back to you. So call now on 02088488787 and quote this spe­cial dis­count code: BOS43BDSM4h. MYTH:

Bulging DISC prob­lems will just Ògo awayÓ with some rest.

If you are deal­ing with back pain, but­tock pain or leg pain, then you must seek help from a Bulging DISC spe­cial­ist Left un­treated, the prob­lem can lead to per­ma­nent nerve dam­age - and life­long pain.

Pain is the only prob­lem as­so­ci­ated with Bulging DISC prob­lems.

In se­vere cases, this prob­lem can lead to the in­abil­ity to con­trol your bow­els, blad­der and sex­ual po­tency - lead­ing to em­bar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tions.

You must take pain med­i­ca­tions to deal with Bulging DISCs.

Drugs like mus­cle re­lax­ants, pain killers, nar­cotics, an­tide­pres­sants, and anti-

MYTH: DISC Bulges or her­ni­a­tions re­quire surgery.

FACT: NO! ThereÕs been a huge break­through in the treat­ment of Bulging DISCs. ItÕs a new pro­ce­dure called Non­Sur­gi­cal Re-Con­struc­tive Spinal Care. The ex­cel­lent re­sults from this treat­ment have been pub­lished in ma­jor med­i­cal jour­nals. Suc­cess rates are up to 88%.

MYTH: FACT: im­me­di­ately. MYTH: FACT: 88% of Peo­ple Find Re­lief from the Pain and As­so­ci­ated Symp­toms...

ÒThereÕs noth­ing any­one can re­ally do. IÕm just stuck with this for the rest of my life.Ó

With the cor­rect treat­ment from a health­care pro­fes­sional who spe­cialises in Bulging DISCs, you can find re­lief from the core cause - and the symp­toms.

Get­ting a Bulging DISC prop­erly di­ag­nosed is ex­pen­sive. 02088488787 FACT: Be­cause the treat­ment is non-sur­gi­cal, safe, and easy, most pa­tients re­port re­lief from their pain and as­so­ci­ated symp­toms early in the process.

Pa­tient Lynda R. from Den­ham wrote, ÒMy back pain was un­bear­able MYTH: FACT: MYTH:

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