A key way to deal­ing with the over-refreshed

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IT’S HARD to be­lieve that not that many years ago peo­ple thought noth­ing of mix­ing al­co­hol with driv­ing a car. Now we have breathal­y­sers, seat belts are com­pul­sory, and none of us – even young peo­ple, who are his­tor­i­cally more in­clined to overdo the booze – drink and drive.

But our NHS is more over­stretched than ever, partly the re­sult of peo­ple need­ing hospi­tal treat­ment sim­ply be­cause they’ve drunk too much.

They may not now be driv­ing leg­less – and hur­rah for that – but where are the friends to stag­ger home with their mates be­fore they get so blotto they need med­i­cal at­ten­tion?

Be­fore you write me off as a grumpy old git, I con­fess that Mr F and I have blurred, but happy, mem­o­ries of drunken nights when we were younger. Some­times we made sure our friends got home safely; at other times we re­lied on them to do the same for us.

At parties ev­ery­one would crash out on the floor, sober up, and re­turn home the next morn­ing.

Now, when the pubs, clubs and bars turn out, in­stead of rid­ing home in a shared taxi, young peo­ple are be­ing scooped up from pave­ments to go to hospi­tal where they ar­rive along­side more se­ri­ous cases. What hap­pened to be­ing marched to the lo­cal cells for be­ing ‘drunk and dis­or­derly’ which al­lowed the soz­zled to cool off, and prob­a­bly de­terred them from over­do­ing it again.

It has been sug­gested that drunks who are clog­ging up our strug­gling hospi­tals should be charged for their ser­vices. I’m all in favour of it.

An­other idea mooted to prop up our ail­ing NHS is means test­ing for non-es­sen­tial cos­metic surgery; par­tic­u­larly when can­cer pa­tients are be­ing de­nied ex­pen­sive lifesaving drugs.

Just think how many ur­gent op­er­a­tions could be car­ried out by sur­geons who were for­merly faffing about with de­signer noses and boob jobs.

Talk­ing of fake breasts – and now I’m on a roll – I’m tired of hear­ing so many fe­male Z-list celebri­ties de­scribed as ‘suc­cess­ful busi­ness­women’, and when I look them up, all they’ve done is in­stall a web cam in their bed­room where they spend all day dis­play­ing their Dou­ble FFs to any­one who cares to pay.

Is that what it takes to get into the Cham­ber of Com­merce these days? I sup­pose you’d def­i­nitely get a job with Don­ald Trump, maybe even be de­clared busi­ness­woman of the year. Don’t get me started…

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