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DE­CEM­BER 22 - JAN­UARY 20 It’s busi­ness as usual. Risk ver­sus re­turn. Don’t as­sume that by of­fer­ing oth­ers the moon, they will swoon. There is an ir­ra­tional­ity when it comes to spend­ing this week. Though you could be as mys­ti­fied as any­one by what ma­te­ri­al­ize. A case of, be care­ful what you wish for. 09036 5820 01 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) JAN­UARY 21 - FE­BRU­ARY 19 Amaz­ing as­pects to the sun in Aquarius should add a sparkle to your affairs. In fact, you are in­ca­pable of hold­ing back the tears. What you do ex­pe­ri­ence, par­tic­u­larly on Tues­day, is the per­fect re­sponse, and you should be ec­static. The rest of the week will be just as dra­matic. 09036 5820 02 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) FE­BRU­ARY 20 - MARCH 20 You may be in search of an­swers as this week be­gins. Do take no­tice, be­cause what is re­vealed is a star­tling rev­e­la­tion, no mat­ter how skep­ti­cal you are. What’s the big se­cret? Nor should you re­gret mak­ing a wel­come break from the past, once the Sun en­ters Pisces next Satur­day. 09036 5820 03 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 The Sun to­gether with Saturn should re­store your faith in cer­tain plans or as­so­ci­a­tions. Are you deal­ing with the right per­son? Some­thing this crazy doesn’t hap­pen too often. It’s not so much what you are ar­rang­ing that matters this week but why. Ex­plore a friend­ship thor­oughly. 09036 5820 04 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) APRIL 21 - MAY 21 You should be proud of your achieve­ments. Not only that, but you could be in­tro­duced to some in­flu­en­tial peo­ple. They may, of course, be all show. Hope you are proved wrong. Above all, this is a week when charisma alone won’t work. Not that any­one can dampen your en­thu­si­asm. 09036 5820 05 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) MAY 22 - JUNE 21 Bril­liant as­pects to the the Sun in Aquarius could in­spire you or lead you astray. Even then, some­one may go to great lengths to put them­selves at your dis­posal. This could mean al­ter­ing your sched­ule this week. Not that you are tempted to part ways. Nor melt into the back­ground. 09036 5820 06 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) JUNE 22 - JULY 22 You may de­cide to go on a spend­ing spree. Pro­vid­ing it’s not your own money. A deal is an­nounced which makes you deliri­ously happy. A per­sonal loss will also be re­versed be­fore this week is over. Show your ap­pre­ci­a­tion. Then the Sun in Pisces will open doors you never knew ex­isted. 09036 5820 07 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) JULY 23 - AU­GUST 22 This is a pe­cu­liar phase for close per­sonal re­la­tion­ship. And you may won­der if you are dream­ing. No doubt, you will be here, there, and ev­ery­where this week. In fact, you are spoilt for choice. Re­joice, be­cause you have never had it so good, in more ways than one. 09036 5820 08 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) AU­GUST 23 - SEPTEM­BER 22 You could give oth­ers a run for their money. The ben­e­fits are stag­ger­ing, all that’s re­quired is ded­i­ca­tion. Not to men­tion a clear mind. More so, if you in­tend to en­ter into a new ar­range­ment this week. A part­ner is a true in­spi­ra­tion, but not the brains of the oper­a­tion. 09036 5820 09 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) SEPTEM­BER 23 - OC­TO­BER 23 This should be a lucky time - and not just ro­man­ti­cally. The same goes if you are in­volved in some form of cre­ative out­let. True, there may be some ten­sion early this week. Per­haps you feel suf­fo­cated? Still, you ap­pear to have plenty of ad­mir­ers. Sel­dom have you felt hap­pier. 09036 5820 10 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) OC­TO­BER 24 - NOVEM­BER 22 You could de­cide to work from home and de­vote more time to the fam­ily. Ei­ther way, the at­mos­phere seems fairly con­ge­nial, even if you’re stuck in. In any case, an­other ar­range­ment will go like a dream. So there is no ur­gency to move this week. Not un­less your ca­reer takes off. 09036 5820 11 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge) NOVEM­BER 23 - DE­CEM­BER 21 A time when mes­sages fly back and forth. As will you for that mat­ter. Cer­tainly, you won’t just be roam­ing around this week. A re­as­sur­ing link in­volv­ing Saturn in Sagittarius re­lates to peo­ple, plans, and places that make you tick. You re­ally are in the thick of the ac­tion. 09036 5820 12 For weekly read­ings call (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

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