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1. He­len Hunt and Tris­tan Wilds are among the stars of which re­cent drama about the US po­lice force on Fox? 2. How many play­ers are there per side in Amer­i­can Foot­ball? 3. How many Amer­i­can pres­i­dents have been as­sas­si­nated whilst in of­fice? 4. Which bird’s name can be pre­ceded by house, hedge or tree? 5. Which is the fourth planet from the sun? 6. Who won an Os­car for his por­trayal of a re­tired blind colonel in Scent of a Woman in 1992? 7. What is the nick­name of the in­fa­mous Bri­tish pi­rate, Ed­ward Teach, who was killed in 1718? 8. How is Deu­terium ox­ide bet­ter known? 9. What is the term for the skill or art of draw­ing maps? 10. In which coun­try do the Wal­loons live?

Q1 - He­len Hunt

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