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CAPRICORN DE­CEM­BER 22 - JAN­UARY 20 Chances are this will be a qui­eter week all round, and you re­gard any in­vi­ta­tions as a mere in­con­ve­nience. This ba­si­cally means ‘don’t bother me’- you just want to spend some time alone for once and this isn’t a bad thing. Your at­ti­tude to go­ing out will change soon though. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 01 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) AQUARIUS JAN­UARY 21 - FE­BRU­ARY 19 sym­pa­thise, as you seem to be in the dog­house. Don’t lose any sleep. In any case, you should pos­i­tively breeze through this week. A feud will be set­tled on Fri­day. The same day you achieve some busi­ness suc­cess. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 02 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) PISCES FE­BRU­ARY 20 - MARCH 20 Ab­sence makes the heart grow fonder. And you would hap­pily go out on a limb just to glimpse some­one, not to men­tion travel from afar, if that’s what it takes. The Sun elu­sive. It’s use­less to hide. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 03 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 Your busi­ness judge­ment hasn’t al­ways been re­spected. How­ever, an un­ex­pected op­por­tu­nity should change ev­ery­one’s opin­ion, not to men­tion your for­tunes. You how eas­ily you man­age to blow your wages. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 04 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) TAURUS APRIL 21 - MAY 21 There should be less fric­tion in a mar­riage or re­la­tion­ship - and it’s bliss. Sin­gle? peo­ple. You won’t re­gret it. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 05 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 21 By rights, this should be a stress-free week. No need to wreck your­self, even if you’re work­ing day and night. Drive any busi­ness to you, rather than let it drive you will re­alise on Fri­day. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 06 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) CAN­CER JUNE 22 - JULY 22 Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is im­por­tant. You have to make sure you say how you feel, rather than bot­tling it up. A link in­volv­ing the Sun and Nep­tune in Pisces on Fri­day should co­in­cide with an emo­tional re­union. The only ar­gu­ment - the ac­com­mo­da­tion, though a friend should come to the res­cue. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 07 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) LEO JULY 23 - AU­GUST 22 could be worth a for­tune. Though you would prob­a­bly be­queath a man­sion, if you had one, just to be happy. And you will be. What hap­pens at the end of this week will af­fect all the fam­ily. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 08 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) VIRGO AU­GUST 23 - SEPTEM­BER 22 Much of your time may be spent star­ing out of the win­dow, feel­ing bored and un­able to make any plans. The trou­ble is, oth­ers are on a dif­fer­ent wave­length. The Full Moon in Taurus next Satur­day will in­vari­ably pro­duce some ex­cite­ment and end months of frus­tra­tion. Can’t wait! For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 09 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) LIBRA SEPTEM­BER 23 - OC­TO­BER 23 save some money, if you are very lucky. Mean­while, you won’t be par­tic­u­larly busy, though the pace should pick up at the end of the week. Ex­pect a bit of chaos if you are rush­ing to close a deal. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 10 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) SCORPIO OC­TO­BER 24 - NOVEM­BER 22 You may have mixed feel­ings about a per­sonal mat­ter. How­ever, you dare not men­tion it, for fear of burst­ing into tears. The ma­jor­ity of your time will be spent swerv­ing the ques­tion. The Sun in Scorpio bril­liantly as­pected by Nep­tune in For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 11 (75p/min + ac­cess charge) SAGITTARIUS NOVEM­BER 23 - DE­CEM­BER 21 You may have lost some of your op­ti­mism. If any­thing, you re­tain a healthy scep­ti­cism when it comes to cer­tain peo­ple you once trusted. Nev­er­the­less, you should be sur­prised by what hap­pens around Fri­day. Your faith hav­ing been tested is re­stored. It rep­re­sents a re­turn to your best. For weekly read­ings call 09036 5820 12 (75p/min + ac­cess charge)

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