Our favourite Love Is­land cou­ple, Chris and Kem, on their new re­al­ity show, be­ing ghosted by Stor­mzy and get­ting naughty texts from Jor­dan

Our favourite Love Is­land cou­ple talk life in the lime­light

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Like the rest of the planet, we were com­pletely ob-sessed with this year’s Love Is­land, and that was down to just one cou­ple: Kem “Lit­tle Bit Leave It” Ceti­nay and Chris “Are You Ban­ter­ing?” Hughes. While 21-year-old Kem was tech­ni­cally paired with Am­ber Davies, who he won the show with, and Chris, 24, was cou­pled-up with Olivia Attwood, it was their hard­core bro­mance – rooted in a shared love of rap­ping, talk­ing crap, and show­ing their emo­tions – that was TV gold. So, we were very ex­cited that they’ve been given a two-part spin-off show, Chris & Kem –Straight Outta Love Is­land on ITV2, which sees them go on a “mu­si­cal jour­ney of dis­cov­ery” and take to the stage for their first live per­for­mance – the day af­ter our in­ter­view.

In the flesh, they’re ex­actly as they are on screen: Chris is ridicu­lously hand­some with in­tensely blue eyes, while Kem is charm per­son­i­fied, and you just want to cud­dle him. In short, they’re two of the nicest re­al­ity stars we’ve ever met. But that doesn’t mean they’re in for an easy ride. Oh no. We want to talk en­gage­ments, diss tracks, and propo­si­tions from a cer­tain Pricey…

So, guys – what’s been the cra­zi­est thing to hap­pen to you since leav­ing Love Is­land? Kem: I think when we went to LA to film the show, and we got swamped by peo­ple on Hol­ly­wood Boule­vard. Chris: That was weird. K: Amer­i­cans were com­ing up to us just be­cause other English peo­ple and tourists were, but they didn’t know who we were. C: I wasn’t pre­pared for how big Love Is­land was. Re­ally? Both: Not at all. C: Com­ing back to the air­port was mad, sur­real. Chris, do you re­ally hate fame like you said? C: It’s more just when you go out, you want to chill and keep un­der wraps a bit. When I went to the Traf­ford Cen­tre [in Manch­ester], I could only move five yards in half an hour. I mean, you get swamped. One selfie with one person is an in­vi­ta­tion for 1,000 peo­ple to have one. It’s just a lit­tle bit re­stric­tive in terms of the places you can go, and your freedom and en­joy­ment. K: Peo­ple took what he said as be­ing un­grate­ful, but he’s not. I think what peo­ple don’t re­alise is that Chris is from a very dif­fer­ent back­ground. He comes from an area that is a lot more chilled and re­laxed – you like your own space, don’t you? Ob­vi­ously, com­ing out, ev­ery­one knows your busi­ness and they’re in your face… Do you re­gret go­ing on the show? C: I don’t re­gret any­thing, be­cause ul­ti­mately, I met the person I wanted to meet… That’s Kem, right? C: [Laughs.] Yeah, Kem! No, but it’s the rea­son you go on to Love Is­land, isn’t it? You don’t re­ally go on there think­ing you’re go­ing to meet a best friend, too.

K: It was the girls who brought us to­gether, be­cause we’re both quite sen­si­tive.

C: We’d also just f**k about and do our own thing.

K: There was a lot of non­sense. It would be, like, 4am in the morn­ing and the pro­duc­ers would want ev­ery­one to sleep and they’d be like, “Where are Chris and Kem?” And we’d be in the gar­den do­ing roly polys. We were like two lit­tle kids who had an over­dose of sugar. How’s it go­ing with Am­ber and Olivia? K: We are both com­pletely in love, aren’t we? C: Yeah. What’s it like liv­ing to­gether? C: Un­real. Her dad got a key for her place cut for me. It was well cute.

K: Am­ber has her house in Lon­don with her friends, but she stays at mine a lot, and she loves it, be­cause she’s so close to my mum and dad. When I went to LA, she stayed with my mum for two or three days, tak­ing her to Lon­don Fash­ion Week. They’re like best friends. Prac­ti­cal ques­tion: if you’re liv­ing with your par­ents, is it awk­ward hav­ing sex? K: [Smiles.] Do you know what? My par­ents are very so­cial and they’re out a lot.

C: Kem can do it qui­etly Dom Lever and Jess Shears have just got en­gaged. Have the girls given you any hints? K: [Smiles.] Nah, not at all. They’re not like that. So, no plans to pop the ques­tion? C: No. Liv wants me to pro­pose to her this year, but I can’t. It’s too soon. K: Re­ally? C: Yeah. I mean, I feel like I could, but I just think there’s no need to rush it.

K: Am­ber said it to me be­fore, as a joke, but I made sure it stayed as a joke. We’ve spo­ken about it so many times and she knows I’m very scared of big com­mit­ments

like that. To me, I still feel like a kid. We just don’t feel ready for it. Peo­ple don’t re­alise, Am­ber’s 20, that’s so young, and I’m 21. Chris – giv­ing Liv a Ce­line hand­bag for your two-month an­niver­sary was gen­er­ous…

C: It wasn’t for the two-month an­niver­sary. It was be­cause me and Kem were go­ing to LA. I thought I’d give her a lit­tle sur­prise. It took a lot of ef­fort to get that sorted. And then I re­alised the day it was de­liv­ered was our two-month an­niver­sary, so it worked out well. Are you wor­ried you’ve set the bar too high? C: [Smiles.] No, no, no. K: [Laughs] Bloody hell, mate, when it gets to eight months, you’ll be buy­ing houses!

C: F**king hell. Kem, what was it like vis­it­ing Chris’ fam­ily farm? K: Hon­estly, it was one of the best ex­pe­ri­ences of my life. Do you know what? You just think it’ll be like a zoo, but it’s not. He called the cows in, but you have to say it in a cer­tain way. So, I went, “COME ON!” And they just stopped. And he went [puts on a melodic voice], “Come on, come on,” and they all turned and came over. So I started run­ning! [Shows us a very funny video of the cow “stam­pede”.] They were fully chas­ing me, and those wel­lies were slow­ing me down. C: It was so funny. K: But it was fully amaz­ing. I wish I could’ve spent longer there. Talk­ing of amaz­ing – what was it like meet­ing Stor­mzy? C: That was sick. K: That was un­real. He called us out on­stage say­ing, “My boys, Chris and Kem” and

ev­ery­one just screamed – 30,000 peo­ple. Did you ex­change phone num­bers?

K: Yeah, we have. [They smile at each other, Chris laughs.] It’s a bit of a tricky sub­ject.

Why? K: [Bursts out laugh­ing.] I texted him and he didn’t re­ply. How long has it been? K: [Still laugh­ing.] It’s been just over a week. I think he’s play­ing hard to get.

C: [Cracks up.] How much more than a week? Two weeks?

K: It’s been about two weeks. But I texted him af­ter V Fes­ti­val, and he was prob­a­bly get­ting a lot of mes­sages, so he may have got caught up.

‘I texted Stor­mzy two weeks ago, but he hasn’t replied’

what did you text him? K: I just said it was amaz­ing to watch him and that was it. that doesn’t need a re­ply… K: OK, I did send an­other one af­ter. C: [Laughs.] Show me the phone. K: I just texted him ask­ing if he’s com­ing to watch our per­for­mance. It did have a ques­tion mark. And he saved him­self in my phone as “Stor­mzy bestie”. I thought we were best mates! if you ever be­come sin­gle, should Am­ber and Liv worry about a diss track? C: No, we’re not like that. K: Course not. They’re lit­er­ally our big­gest fans.

C: Am­ber sent me a video of her singing our song. It’s catchy, it’s a banger. Maybe a Christ­mas no1? K: That would be the dream! We’ve just been in the stu­dio, learn­ing, be­cause we’re so new to it. We’re kinda just en­joy­ing the

ride. We just want to make sure, if we were to do any­thing, we do it in the best way. We wasn’t rap­pers be­fore the show, and it’s a priv­i­lege that peo­ple want us to do it. the bro­mance is go­ing strong. How many times a day do you what­sapp each other?

C: Not as many now, be­cause we’re with each other ev­ery day.

K: Chris isn’t very good at What­sapp. I have to ring him.

C: I will openly ad­mit, I just don’t re­ply to mes­sages, un­less they are stupidly im­por­tant, be­cause I can’t be ar­sed. I’m the lazi­est person ever.

K: How out of or­der is that? I text him to see how he’s do­ing, and he doesn’t re­ply. He goes online and I can see that he’s read it! Kem, there’s a theme here – first Stor­mzy ig­nores you, and now Chris… K: Do you know what I mean? No one replies to me! Be­fore you know it, Am­ber’s not go­ing

to re­ply to me, my mum and dad aren’t go­ing to re­ply to me. No one is go­ing to re­ply any more – ev­ery­one is just go­ing to be ig­nor­ing me. Chris, what went through your mind when Katie Price said on Loose women that you were her type on pa­per?

K: Is that what she said? I haven’t watched it.

C: It’s what she said to me be­fore the show when she came into the dress­ing room with her lit­tle en­tourage… K: What did she say? C: Es­sen­tially not lay­ing it on me, but as good as. I have mes­sages off her a lot. Bad mes­sages. Did you re­ply? C: No, I didn’t. I showed them all to Olivia, though, be­cause I was a lit­tle bit gob­s­macked. It went from In­sta­gram DMS, and then she some­how got hold of my mobile num­ber. [Laughs.] And started mes­sag­ing me on that. Chris & Kem – Straight Outta Love Is­land is on Sun­day 1 and Mon­day 2 Oct, ITV2, 9pm

Spit­ting bars in the stu­dio Oi, Stor­mzy, text Kem back, you melt Bro-ing down on Love Is­land

…And Kem with his sig­nif­i­cant other, Am­ber Chris with the other love of his life, Olivia…

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