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In case you have yet to clap eyes on Bro­mans, ITV2’S mash-up of game show, pe­riod com­edy-drama and re­al­ity TV, let me de­scribe it to you: a gag­gle of real-life cou­ples, most of whom seem to be re­jects from TOWIE or Ge­ordie Shore, ar­rive “in An­cient Rome”, where the lads pro­ceed to get naked and stand there clutch­ing their tackle while their girl­friends grap­ple with each other in a dusty arena, try­ing to get their hands on a toga for their blokes to wear. Of course, they’re not re­ally in An­cient Rome – ITV2’S bud­get doesn’t stretch to the in­ven­tion of a time ma­chine. In­stead, the whole thing seems to be a cun­ning way of get­ting ex­tra use out of the set of Plebs in sunny Bul­garia, where the chan­nel’s fine An­cient Rome-based com­edy is also filmed. As for these plebs (sorry!), af­ter that first nu­di­ty­based task, the com­peti­tors then en­gage in gra­tu­itous bad danc­ing and show­ing off in a mock-up of a Ro­man night­club, com­plete with what is surely his­tor­i­cally in­ac­cu­rate rave mu­sic, be­fore the cou­ples stum­ble into bed in a com­mu­nal room and where it then gets a bit Love Is­land-y. Or so the pro­duc­ers hope. If you’re won­der­ing what the show’s unique sell­ing point is, it seems to be the lib­eral use of full-frontal nu­dity, which, last time I checked, even Love Is­land and Ge­ordie Shore tend to pix­e­late. To be fair, the tone is also wryly self-aware, with ac­tors pop­u­lat­ing the set and com­ment­ing on the “ac­tion” in fairly amus­ing style. I doubt it’ll win any awards, but Bro­mans is at least a suit­ably vul­gar lead-in to the even more out­ra­geous Celeb Juice that fol­lows. Which, I guess, is what it was de­signed for.

Come on, join the toga party

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