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Friends may have ended 13 years ago, but, like Ross re­peat­ing “We were on a break!”, we just can’t seem to let it go. Thanks to Com­edy Cen­tral play­ing re-runs on re­peat, we can still ob­sess over the six New York­ers and pre­tend we were re­ally one of their gang. But what was it re­ally like to be part of the Friends phe­nom­e­non?

Well, much to our deliri­ous ex­cite­ment, heat got the chance to sit down with “les­bian life part­ners” Carol and Susan (real names Jane Sib­bett, 54, and Jes­sica Hecht, 52 – and not ac­tual les­bians) be­fore the clos­ing party of Friends­fest – a tour­ing fes­ti­val that gives fans the chance to see the sets – to get all the gos­sip…

Does it sur­prise you that

Friends is still so pop­u­lar? Jes­sica: I don’t think it’s sur­pris­ing. When I think about those other iconic shows, like Cheers and Se­in­field, it’s very hard to make a sit­com work. When film­ing, did you ever feel left out by the “big six”?

Jane: The big six was the big six. But the beauty was that be­cause we were part of the orig­i­nals, we be­came the big eight! Mag­gie Wheeler, who played Janice, was also part of that pack – she was there from sea­son one. It was never an ex­clu­sive thing, though, we were al­ways in­vited in. Do you still speak to them? Jane: I haven’t ac­tu­ally

seen any­body since the wrap party, where I em­bar­rassed my­self mas­sively. Ooh! Tell us about that…

Jane: Af­ter hav­ing my daugh­ter Vi­o­let, who’s now 16, I brought her on set, and as I was walk­ing past Jen­nifer’s dress­ing room, she said to me, “Jane, come in and meet my fi­ancé!” So I walk in and I see Brad Pitt there. Of course, I was hy­per­ven­ti­lat­ing. I see him and I just go, “Hh­h­h­hhi-i-i-i-i-i, I’m… so glad you’re go­ing… to marry…me?” I just com­pletely lost my shit. Jen­nifer was like, “What the hell is go­ing on?” The next time I saw him was at the wrap party and I was feel­ing pretty sick, I was also high on flu med­i­ca­tion. So I get to Brad and I put my arms around him – he had the soft­est coat on – and I was like, “Ah­hhh, sss­soooooo sooooft.” They lit­er­ally had to peel my arms off him, I just lost it again.

‘I mas­sively em­bar­rassed my­self in front of Jen’ Jane

Oh dear. Would you be up for a re­union?

Jane: In a heart­beat, but they keep say­ing no. And the more they say no, the more peo­ple ask.

Where would Carol and Susan be now? Jane: They’d want to leave Amer­ica be­cause of Trump, so I think they’d be in Lon­don. Would they have more kids? Jane: Def­i­nitely! But Susan would have had the next one as Carol had Ben [with ex-hus­band Ross] – we’d go back and forth. But they’d also want to adopt. Would Ross and Rachel still be to­gether?

Jes­sica: I don’t think they would. Mon­ica and Chan­dler would, though. Maybe not solid, but def­i­nitely to­gether.

Jane: I’d want ev­ery­one to stay to­gether, like us. We’re rock solid. And Joey? Well, you know…

Did you have a favourite episode to film?

Jane: The one where Carol gave birth to Ben was fun. But when we filmed the de­liv­ery scene, I started cry­ing. It was so emo­tional for me, but I don’t know why. I was only de­liv­er­ing a doll!

Jes­sica: There were some early parts of the show where the au­di­ence would roar with laugh­ter and I wasn’t sure why. I re­mem­ber be­ing in the liv­ing room and Ross says, “Wow, you’ve got a lot of books about be­ing a les­bian.” And I say, “Yeah, you’ve got to take a course.” It was such a funny com­men­tary on be­ing a les­bian.

Susan (left) and Carol: #cou­ple­goals

Hey guys, don’t for­get about me

They’re on a per­ma­nent break *sob* Man­dler for­ever

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