The Queen in­vites Do­ria for Christ­mas

(and Kate’s mum’s not happy)

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While we’re all di­gest­ing Christ­mas lunch and toast­ing the Queen’s speech on telly, Do­ria Ragland will be spend­ing the day with the real deal. heat can re­veal that Meghan’s mum has had a per­sonal in­vi­ta­tion to spend Christ­mas with the roy­als. And of course she’s said yes – you don’t turn down turkey with Her Maj.

And al­though most of the roy­als are chuffed that they’ll be pulling crack­ers with Do­ria, 62, there’s one per­son who is feel­ing the cold touch of FOMO. “Ca­role Mid­dle­ton was less than pleased when she found out,” says our Buck House in­sider. “She can’t help but feel snubbed. She has never been asked to join the royal house­hold for Christ­mas, and she would love to be re­garded as part of the royal fam­ily.”

It seems the Queen’s treat­ment of Meghan may have been rub­bing Ca­role up the wrong way for a while. We’re told, “Like any mother Ca­role is fiercely pro­tec­tive of her kids, and is al­ready watch­ing for ev­i­dence that the Queen favours Meghan over Kate – this is all the proof she needs as far as she is con­cerned. She doesn’t like the way Meghan seems to be steal­ing Kate’s spot­light.”

Do­ria spent a few days in Lon­don with Meghan and Harry last month – ac­com­pa­ny­ing them at the launch of Meghan’s char­ity cook­book, To­gether: Our

Com­mu­nity Kitchen, which sup­ports fam­i­lies af­fected by the Gren­fell tragedy. Al­though she is La-based, Do­ria was al­ready plan­ning to spend the fes­tive sea­son in the UK with her daugh­ter and new son-in-law. We’re told that when the Queen heard about her plans, she in­vited Do­ria to San­dring­ham for Christ­mas lunch.

With all of the fam­ily is­sues that Meghan, 37, has been go­ing through re­cently, the Queen is re­port­edly con­cerned for her well­be­ing. “She is very aware of all the prob­lems Meghan has with her dad and sis­ter, and she feels sorry for her that she doesn’t have fam­ily and a sup­port net­work close by,” we’re told.

Iron­i­cally, Kate and Wills won’t be spend­ing Christ­mas at San­dring­ham, ei­ther, as our in­sider tells us, “Ever since they’ve had kids they have al­ter­nated, and this year, they’ll be at the Mid­dle­ton home in Berk­shire.”

We’re sure they’ll still en­joy a clas­sic Bri­tish Christ­mas, then, ar­gu­ing about fam­ily. But the Queen’s speech might be slightly awk­ward view­ing this year.

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Do­ria with Meg and Harry last month

Giv­ing Do­ria some side-eye, Ca­role Mid­dle­ton?

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