We love be­ing the cen­tre of at­ten­tion

New­ly­weds Alex and Olivia chat do­mes­tic life and drunken wed­ding an­tics with Katie Hol­loway

Heat (UK) - - Heat Interview - O: You And I by John Le­gend, but she did her own lit­tle ren­di­tion, which was amaz­ing. Olivia hosts Sec­ond Chance Dresses, Fri­days, TLC, 8pm

We can­not get over how com­fort­able Alex and Olivia are with their bod­ies, hap­pily walk­ing around at our shoot in var­i­ous stages of nu­dity. Alex, 27, doesn’t need telling twice when we sug­gest whip­ping off his boxers un­der his apron.

But, then again, no won­der – they’re bloody gor­geous, the kind of fine hu­man spec­i­mens who go down a storm on a show like Love Is­land. The cou­ple came sec­ond on the 2016 se­ries, but have be­come the first con­tes­tants to ac­tu­ally tie the knot – cel­e­brat­ing their wed­ding just a cou­ple of weeks ago in Es­sex among friends, fam­ily and an as­sort­ment of show­biz pals.

As ex­pected, when we speak to them after their wed­ding, they’re ab­so­lutely ec­static. Olivia, 24, tells us she changed her

‘I do love to re­ceive a nice card – I’m like an old nan’ Olivia

so­cial me­dia to say Mrs Bowen as soon as she could, but will save all the pass­port and credit card ad­min for after their hon­ey­moon. Mr and Mrs Bowen trav­elled around Sri Lanka for a week, and then took chillax­ing to the ex­treme with a week in the Mal­dives. For any­one that’s seen the many, many so­cial me­dia posts, you’ll know for sure that these two are the real deal…

Con­grat­u­la­tions, Mr and Mrs Bowen! How was the wed­ding?

Alex: I can’t even de­scribe the day. I just wish I could re-live it again and again. Olivia: It was just in­cred­i­ble. We keep say­ing it felt like a movie – it didn’t feel real. It was per­fect, we had fire­works and a singer. A: I ar­rived in a he­li­copter – Olivia got it for me as a sur­prise. I felt bet­ter than James Bond. Yeah, Alex had a he­li­copter!

O: Amaz­ing! You told us be­fore that you would be do­ing your own pri­vate vows be­fore the cer­e­mony. Was that emo­tional?

A: Yeah, it was very emo­tional. I got Liv’s brides­maids to video her get­ting her wed­ding gift and read­ing the vows, and she cried.

O: We both pre­pared our vows the night be­fore. I put mine in a lit­tle en­ve­lope and left it on his bed­side ta­ble, and then he gave his to one of my brides­maids to bring with her, so we both read them and had a lit­tle cry in the morn­ing. So many tears – I’ve never cried so much in all my life. Alex, what was the gift that you got for Olivia? A: A bracelet. O: It’s a di­a­mond ten­nis bracelet. A: Yes, of course, it’s a di­a­mond ten­nis bracelet. O: [Laughs.] You didn’t know that did you, Alex?

Olivia – how did you feel when you first put on your dress?

O: I was re­ally calm for the ma­jor­ity of the morn­ing – I think my mum took away most of my stress, be­cause she was so ner­vous. But then I put on my dress and they told me that my dad was com­ing, and I think at that mo­ment, I was like, “Oh my God!” My mouth was dry, I could hardly talk. The dress was amaz­ing, though. When we saw each other we burst into tears, didn’t we?

A: The lads [grooms­men] saw Olivia be­fore me and then my mate started cry­ing, and my best man started cry­ing. I was like, “Oh my God, I’m go­ing to cry!”

O: Ev­ery­one cried. There wasn’t a dry eye. My dress was quite hard to walk in, I won’t lie. By the end of the night I had my Ba­len­ci­aga train­ers on. I couldn’t be in heels any more.

Olivia – you’re host­ing a new show called Sec­ond Chance

Dresses, where you find brides wed­ding dresses that have been used be­fore. Did you get any in­spo?

It’s been amaz­ing to meet brides and hear their sto­ries, and then ac­tu­ally find­ing a good lot of them their ideal wed­ding dress. And it is so much cheaper, be­cause ob­vi­ously, wed­ding dresses are ridicu­lously ex­pen­sive and then they’re just kept in a wardrobe. No one gets to wear it again and it seems a shame.

Will you be do­nat­ing your dress for the next se­ries?

O: I would think about it. I don’t know how I’d part with it, be­cause I am such a hoarder. I can’t even part with my nor­mal clothes, let alone my wed­ding dress. But I prob­a­bly would. Who got the most drunk at the re­cep­tion?

A: Liv was re­ally drunk! Lit­er­ally within one sec­ond – one sip of wine, which we had with our food. I looked at her eyes and they were just all over the place.

O: I don’t know what hap­pened. I think, be­cause I was so ner­vous and I’d hardly had any wa­ter, I’d hardly eaten any­thing, and just sud­denly got this glass of wine and just downed it. [Laughs.]

A: I was show­ing her off to ev­ery­one – like this is what I’ve got to live with for the rest of my life.

O: You’re lucky, hun.

Were there any sur­prises?

O: Our fam­ily and friends put “Just Mar­ried” signs and cans on the back of our car – we didn’t know they were do­ing that. A: But we had to drop my best friend off back at my house, so he was in the back of the car as well.

O: Yeah, it was like Olivia and Alex, just mar­ried… and Ty.

Third wheel­ing, much? Was the re­cep­tion wild?

O: Ev­ery­one was just so drunk, weren’t they? A: Yeah, ev­ery­one was just drink­ing and drink­ing. And then it just got out of hand and was crazy. O: But it was so fun. We had, like, fire­works, a hog roast, a bar­be­cue and we had Re­becca Fer­gu­son [from the 2010 se­ries of The

X Fac­tor] sing at the wed­ding, as well. She sang our first dance song, which was so beau­ti­ful.

What was the song? That’s so cute. Some peo­ple get re­ally self-con­scious with their first dance – did you en­joy it?

A: We love to be the cen­tre of at­ten­tion, so it was great!

O: We were in the mid­dle of a cir­cle of can­dles and lanterns and ev­ery­one was out­side around us, watch­ing. That’s where it felt like a movie – it was like, “This

doesn’t feel real right now”. Did you get any lovely gifts? O:

We ac­tu­ally didn’t ask for any gifts. All our gifts went to three char­i­ties – Mind, [home­less char­ity] Cen­tre­point and May­hew An­i­mal Cen­tre – so all our presents were dona­tions. We got lots of cards. I do love to re­ceive a nice card. I’m like an old nan.

Now that you’re mar­ried, and about to get your sec­ond puppy [a French Bull­dog called Winnie to join big bro Reg­gie], do you think you’re ready for kids?

O: I think that’s why we wanted a puppy. I feel like we’re not ready for kids yet. We’re both big kids our­selves, and we’ve got lots to do in our ca­reers.

A: We want to travel and do other stuff. We’re not go­ing to plan it, but when it hap­pens, it hap­pens.

Who is the do­mes­tic god or god­dess at home?

A: Since Liv’s been do­ing Sec­ond Chance Dresses, I’ve been in the house with Reg­gie on my own, so I’ve been be­ing more do­mes­tic.

O: He knows how to do the wash­ing now.

A: I had to video Liv do­ing it the first time, so I’ve al­ways got it for ref­er­ence.

What an­noys you about each other?

A: Liv leaves milk on the win­dowsill all the time. In fact, there’s some in the bed­room right now. O: Alex for­gets ev­ery­thing.

Ev­ery­thing! I’ll have to tell him at least four times what time we’re get­ting picked up. It’s a night­mare. I have his di­ary on my phone.

Alex, what kind of things do you do to treat Liv?

A: Olivia likes to do ex­trav­a­gant things, but I like to do lit­tle cute things. I can’t cook at all and once, when she got back in from a shoot, I put two can­dles on the ta­ble and got Dairylea Lunch­ables.

O: And he had a bot­tle of Cham­pagne. I cried.

What’s the most ro­man­tic thing you’ve ever done?

A: Prob­a­bly the pro­posal. I rented a rooftop in New York be­hind where the World Trade Cen­tre was, and it was very pri­vate – no one was there. I dropped to one knee and was like, “Yo, let’s do this.”

O: [Laughs.] He didn’t do that!

A: I did it in a way that was a bit nicer than that.

O: It’s still a se­cret where it was. I wanted to keep the pro­posal pri­vate – just us. So no one’s ever seen a pic­ture of the ac­tual place where we got en­gaged, which is cute.

As the first Love Is­land cou­ple to get mar­ried, do you feel like you’ve proven ev­ery­one wrong who said you wouldn’t last?

A: I never looked at it like we were a cou­ple from Love Is­land. Ev­ery­one looks at it like it’s not go­ing to last, but we never thought of it like that. We’re just en­joy­ing our lives, en­joy­ing ev­ery day.

O: It is an anom­aly. I don’t blame peo­ple for not think­ing it’s real, be­cause in re­al­ity TV, you do get cou­ples who are fak­ing it. You get a lot of break-ups. But some­how, some­where along the line, we were meant to meet and ap­par­ently it was on

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