Will naked ther­apy save Kim & Kanye?

They’re lay­ing it bare to save their mar­riage

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It’s no se­cret that Kim Kar­dashian likes get­ting her kit off – heck, we know what her bare bum looks like bet­ter than we do our own. But she doesn’t just save her nu­dity for the cam­eras. In fact, we’re told that Kim’s a big ad­vo­cate of nude ther­apy, which pretty much does what it says on the tin: hav­ing ther­apy ses­sions in the buff. And in the fight to strengthen her four-year mar­riage, she’s even got Kanye West in on the naked act. Be­cause bar­ing your soul can be so dif­fi­cult when there are clothes in the way.

“It was Kim’s idea – she made the point that they’ve al­ways com­mu­ni­cated bet­ter when their clothes are off,” an in­sider close to the “na­tur­ist” cou­ple tells heat. “As ridicu­lous as it sounds, they both agree that be­ing naked loosens their in­hi­bi­tions and puts them on the same level. Most peo­ple would have laughed her out of the room, but Kanye agreed to give it a try – es­pe­cially now he’s lost a bit of weight and is more in tune with his body.”

Ac­cord­ing to our source, the pair be­gin their coun­selling ses­sions in robes be­fore, “Let­ting it all hang out while they go through the events of the week and where they’re at re­la­tion­ship-wise.” Ever the pro­fes­sional, we’re told the cou­ple’s ther­a­pist is, “Pretty re­laxed about it all, and fig­ures that if it helps Kim and Kanye ex­press them­selves, then why not?” Let’s just hope he or she gives the couch a good scrub­bing once they’re done.

“Let’s get ther­a­peu­tic”

Bit nippy, Kanye?

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