Is the end of the Tories in sight?

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MRS May’s prom­ises about eas­ing stu­dent debt and re­solv­ing the hous­ing cri­sis il­lus­trate per­fectly the huge dif­fer­ence between the Tory and Labour Par­ties.

So­cial jus­tice and the com­bat­ing of so­cial in­equal­ity are at the heart of Labour’s agenda.

At the “heart” of the Tory Party - if that nar­row, scle­rotic or­gan de­serves the name - is EXPEDIENCY. Take the NHS.

The Tory Party re­sisted its in­tro­duc­tion and se­cretly re­sents what it per­ceives as a drain on the Pub­lic Purse, yet it dare not openly dis­man­tle it.

So, while every­body is look­ing the other way - reading the Ex­press, the Sun etc and watch­ing Strictly Come Danc­ing or the X Fac­tor, they beaver away like tun­nel­ing con­victs in the dark to un­der­mine it.

Only when the damage and the dis­rup­tion be­comes too ob­vi­ous and too loud to con­ceal, do they pause, whis­tle and try to look all in­no­cence - all smug­ness in the case of Jeremy Hunt.

In other words, the Tories cyn­i­cally al­ter course only when their pre­ferred poli­cies in­spire too much pub­lic dis­quiet and re­vul­sion. Their main aim is not so­cial jus­tice or progress but to RE­MAIN IN POWER so that they can con­tinue to work away un­der-cover in the in­ter­est of them­selves and their fi­nan­cial friends and back­ers (as with pri­vati­sa­tion in all its scan­dalous forms).

At long last, how­ever, as the in­flu­ence of the Rot­ten Press de­clines and younger peo­ple con­tem­plate an ugly pal­ette of in­se­cu­rity, the demise of the Tory Party may be in sight.

Its mem­ber­ship has de­clined and its “ac­tivists” are get­ting too old to do door-to-door.

Its sup­port among the over-fifties is also erod­ing, not im­pressed by Mrs May’s tact­less threat to their pen­sions and prop­erty (she should have kept it quiet).

And yet it is deeply trou­bling that the dire ef­fects of Brexit could well leave a re­form­ing and rad­i­cal govern­ment with­out the re­sources needed to make Bri­tain a truly fit place to live - for the many, not the few.

Mr Cor­byn needs to think again about im­ple­ment­ing the de­ci­sion of a mere 37 per cent of a re­stricted elec­torate (many younger un­reg­is­tered voters, EU na­tion­als here and Bri­tish ex-pats had no voice) in a ref­er­en­dum which was only ad­vi­sory and char­ac­terised by lies and dis­tor­tions. Fur­ther­more, the ne­go­ti­a­tions are led by Tories not com­pe­tent to run a cab­bage shop.

John Payne

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