History of War - - MICHAEL JOHN O’LEARY -

In­stead of re-join­ing the charge, O’leary made a bee­line for the sec­ond Ger­man ma­chine-gun. The ground in front of it was too marshy and boggy for a di­rect ap­proach, so he climbed the rail­way em­bank­ment be­fore, for the sec­ond time in as many min­utes, charg­ing di­rectly at a lethal killing ma­chine dis­charg­ing hun­dreds of rounds a minute. Dis­play­ing re­mark­able luck and calm, he fired three shots that put down three Ger­mans. The other two en­emy sol­diers had no stom­ach left to fight and raised their hands in sur­ren­der, not know­ing the Ir­ish­man had run out of bul­lets. His gun held ten bul­lets and all of them had been ex­pended, eight di­rectly into Ger­man flesh.

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