History of War : 2020-07-09



08 BATTLE OF ANTIOCH 10 FLIGHT OF THE SELJUKS Kerbogha flees in panic to save his own skin. He abandons everything to the crusaders, including his camp followers, foot soldiers, camp equipment, horses and camels, gold and silver. The Muslim garrison in the citadel surrenders when they realize they’ve been abandoned by the relief army. 09 DESTRUCTIO­N OF THE SELJUK VANGUARD The crusader army succeeds in routing the Turkish vanguard. The Turks set fire to the brush in an attempt to disorienta­te the crusaders. When it is apparent that the crusaders have crushed the Seljuk vanguard and overrun their positions, Kerbogha’s confederat­ed army dissolves. Duqaq of Damascus is the first to depart with his Syrian troops. 01 02 05 06 08 GARRISON SORTIE PREVENTED 04 Raymond of Aguilers, who is ill at the time of battle and unable to fight outside the city, supervises the investment of the Turkish garrison in the citadel to prevent it from conducting sorties. 07 07 SELJUKS’ FINAL CHARGE 03 06 CRUSADER RESERVE DEPLOYS 49

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